Edith Evans Quotes in A Night to Remember (1958)


Edith Evans Quotes:

  • Sixth Officer James Moody: Sorry, only one more lady.

    Edith Evans: You go first, you have children waiting at home.

    Mrs. Brown: NO! I...

    Sixth Officer James Moody: Quickly ladies! We haven't got much time.

    [the woman, Mrs. Brown, steps in]

    Sixth Officer James Moody: Still here Miss Evans? We'll get you off in the next boat.

    Edith Evans: Thank you.

    [Miss Evans looks around and sees that there are no more lifeboats left]

  • [on Hank and Terry]

    Edith Evans: I think he want to have sex with her.

    Jack Linden: Why?

    Edith Evans: Why?

    Jack Linden: Yeah.

    Edith Evans: Because he likes her and she's pretty. And he hasn't had any strange pussy since that French cunt.

  • [last lines]

    Edith Evans: I'm not leaving you because you're unfaith Hank, I'm leaving because I was.

    Hank Evans: Look, none of that matters any more. It's over. Isn't it? Isn't it, Edith?

    Edith Evans: Yeah. It's over.

    Hank Evans: Well then, why leave now?

    Edith Evans: Because I can.

  • Hank Evans: What is the name of this dance?

    Irish Dance Know-It-All: The Angry Housewife.

    Edith Evans: [laugh]

  • Edith Evans: You know what I wanted. I wanted to know where we were. Now I know.

    Jack Linden: And?

    Edith Evans: You love the person you're having the affair with.

  • Edith Evans: [referring to her husband] He'll be busting out soon. Trust me - I know the routine. He's been hibernating with that novel so long, next thing you know he'll look around and blink and fuck the first thing that walks into his office.

    Jack Linden: Jesus, I hope someone goes in there before I do.

    Edith Evans: Well, he screws his wife once in a while, why not another man?

    Jack Linden: And your husband making passes at my wife, how do you feel about that?

    Edith Evans: Well, everybody deserves to be happy, right?

  • Edith Evans: I wonder how we'll get caught.

    Jack Linden: Hank'll smell you on me at the gym.

    Edith Evans: No, I mean Terry.

  • Edith Evans: I'd like to just concentrate on hating his guts right now.

  • Edith Evans: He said he was happy for us, and now he's sad for us. He's happy that you were taking care of me, and now he's sorry that you can't.

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