Eady Quotes in Heat (1995)


Eady Quotes:

  • Eady: You travel a lot?

    Neil McCauley: Yeah.

    Eady: Traveling makes you lonely?

    Neil McCauley: I'm alone, I am not lonely.

  • Neil McCauley: [In a diner] you live in this neighborhood?

    Eady: No, I live above Sunset Plaza, it's a little house I rent and it's a little rundown but has a beautiful view, what about you?

    Neil McCauley: I live in Venice Boulevard, where's your family originally from?

    Eady: We're Scots Irish, they immigrated to America in the late seventeen hundreds, where are you originally from?

    Neil McCauley: Bay area.

    Eady: Are your folks there?

    Neil McCauley: My mother died a long time ago I don't know where my father is. I have a brother somewhere but sounds like you have a tight family I can tell. In L.A. the city of lights, in Fuji they have these iridescent algae that come out once a year in the water, it looks like L.A. at night.

    Eady: You've been there?

    Neil McCauley: No, I'm going there some day.

  • Eady: [Their first meeting in a restaurant] What are you reading?

    Neil McCauley: A book about metals

    Eady: What kind of work do you do?

    Neil McCauley: Lady, why are you so interested in what I read or what I do?

    Eady: I've seen you in the book store from time to time, I work there, if you don't want to talk to me that's ok, I'm sorry I bothered you

    Neil McCauley: I didn't mean to be rude. I didn't recognize you. I work in metals I'm a salesman, you like working there?

    Eady: Sure, I get a discount there's a whole section of books in my area.

    Neil McCauley: What area is that?

    Eady: Graphic design, the store's a day job until I got enough going.

    Neil McCauley: Who do you do that for?

    Eady: A restaurant, their menus and a small record label their CD covers, I've done two so far.

    Neil McCauley: You go to school for that?

    Eady: Yeah I went to Parsons

    Neil McCauley: Where's that?

    Eady: New York City

    Neil McCauley: How long you've been here?

  • Neil McCauley: [Over the phone] Hey it's me

    Eady: Hey, I was wondering when you'd call

    Neil McCauley: I've been busy, can I see you?

    Eady: I was afraid that was just one night you know?

    Neil McCauley: Not for me it wasn't

    Eady: Yeah me neither

    Neil McCauley: Can I come by?

    Eady: Yeah

  • Neil McCauley: Did you have a good time?

    Eady: No.

    Neil McCauley: Why not?

    Eady: I'm not good at meeting people.

    Neil McCauley: You met me, take off with me for a while

    Eady: Where are we going?

    Neil McCauley: New Zealand.

    Eady: When?

    Neil McCauley: I have to separately but you'll meet me there.

    Eady: What about my job?

    Neil McCauley: You don't need money I got plenty, you could set up a studio and do work there

    Eady: I don't know.

    Neil McCauley: What's there to know?

    Eady: Are you married?

    Neil McCauley: What?

    Eady: You come and go.

    Neil McCauley: Last thing I am is married. I'm a needle starting at zero, and all of a sudden someone like you comes along.

    Eady: You don't know me.

    Neil McCauley: I know enough come with me.

    Eady: What's wrong?

    Neil McCauley: Nothing's wrong everything's right, will you go?

    Eady: Yeah.

    Neil McCauley: Good

    [they kiss]

  • Eady: [after hanging up the cell phone with Nate, driving with Eady to the airport] What is it?

    Neil McCauley: Nothing, we're home free.

    Neil McCauley: [after driving into the exit lane on the highway] I gotta take care of something first

    Eady: Is there time?

    Neil McCauley: There's time.

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