Dusty Mayron Quotes in Daddy's Home (2015)


Dusty Mayron Quotes:

  • Dusty Mayron: Hey, are you Roger?

    Cool Dad: Nope.

  • Dusty Mayron: So the King raised his mighty sword and rained steel down upon the Step King.

    Brad Whitaker: But the Step King blocked it with his shield. And swung his cat o'nine tails into the King's smug face.

    Dusty Mayron: Which the King easily brushed aside like the feather of a gull. And then the King did counter with a barrage of slashes and thrusts so fast and precise the Step King had no way to party.

    MeganDylan: Yay!

    Dusty Mayron: But he did. He did. He parried all of them. Easily. It was no big deal.

    MeganDylan: Aww.

    Brad Whitaker: Then he grabbed the King's sword right out of his hand and smashed it over his knee.

    MeganDylan: Boo!

    Dusty Mayron: That's when the King pulled out a pump-action Mossberg shotgun!

    Brad Whitaker: Which is completely anachronistic. So if we're gonna be doing any time period, then the Step King just happened to be wearing Kevlar body armor.

    Dusty Mayron: Concussion grenade!

    Brad Whitaker: Hand grenade.

    Dusty Mayron: Rocket launcher.

    Brad Whitaker: Missile launcher.

    Dusty Mayron: Air strike.

    Brad Whitaker: Nuclear strike.

    Dusty Mayron: Black hole.

    Brad Whitaker: God.

  • Dusty Mayron: [In a splendid and charming voice] 103.6... Thhhe paaandaa!

  • Dusty Mayron: Dusty : It looks like we got our self's a dad-off, Brad.

  • Dusty Mayron: [Watching Frozen] You gotta pause it man.

    Griff: No I don't wanna ruin the momentum.

    Dusty Mayron: Dude if another song comes on you gotta pause it okay?

    Griff: Hey am I suppose to pause my emotions?

  • Brad Whitaker: You built all this today? With my tools?

    Dusty Mayron: Oh, no, you can't build a treehouse with a tampon, Brad.

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