Duff Quotes in Stealing Harvard (2002)


Duff Quotes:

  • Duff: We should make up some fake names.

    John: Why?

    Duff: Just in case we have to communicate while we're inside.

    John: OK.

    Duff: I wanna be Kyle. I knew this guy at camp. He was maybe 13. He got *two* girls pregnant, man. *Two* girls pregnant. Yea, Kyle. Who you gonna be?

    John: Steve...

    Duff: Steve.

    John: Yeah.

    Duff: OK, Steve.

    John: OK, Kyle.

    [John and Duff continue walking]

    Duff: Wait.

    John: What?

    Duff: I wanna change. I wanna be Steve.

    John: I'm Steve; You're Karl.

    Duff: Kyle!

  • Duff: See those dead plants? I planted those.

  • Duff: Maybe we can use slingshots to rob the place.

    John: A slingshot is not a real weapon, Duff.

    Duff: Oh, yeah? Well maybe you'd like to define the word "weapon' for me while this plastic doll smashes into your temple at 180 miles per hour.

  • John: [coming out of his house] Why didn't you just ring the door bell?

    Duff: [whispering] I didn't wanna wake Elaine.

  • Duff: I wanted to scope the place out. I was hungry so I decided to heat up a brick of cheese. I need my cheese.

  • Elaine: [whispers] He's an asshole.

    Duff: Mmm... casserole.

    Elaine: I said asshole.

    Duff: I heard casserole!

  • Duff: I'm not goin' in.

    John: What?

    Duff: Someone has to watch in case he comes home.

    John: I thought you said he was going to be out all night.

    Duff: He *will* be out all night.

    John: Then why do we need a look-out?

    Duff: We don't. Just go in.

    John: You go in.

    Duff: Look, I'm not the one that needs the money. Why should I assume the risk?

    John: What risk?

    Duff: There is no risk.

    [John shows his mad face and shakes his head]

    Duff: Just go!

  • Duff: We're going skiing.

  • [after Duff has been humped by a dog]

    Duff: It's a good thing your here officers, because a crime has just been committed.

  • Duff: I'm not liquid... I'm not... liquid.

  • Duff: All right American beef cattle, just stay calm, and you'll all get to go home to your precious TV dinners!

  • Duff: Elaine... I like her. I like her a lot, John. But she's a bitch! She's a dirty, dumb bitch.

  • Duff: The branch! Swing from the branch Rickey!

  • Detective Charles: I turned 40 last week. Do you know what I did? I got my colon scoped by Dr. Spencer. Do you know what he told me? He said "Detective Charles, you have one of the cleanest rectums I've ever seen." and do you know why? During my quiet time here at work I use a toothbrush that I have here in my desk to get to the really hard to find spots... just for a really good scrubbin'... you guys think you're so smart don't you?

    Duff: No

    Detective Charles: The way you made those survilence tapes just... disapear? You just... got rid of 'em some how...

    John: What tapes?

    Detective Charles: Will you do me a personal favor son?

    John: Sure.

    Detective Charles: Don't ever play ME... like a flute... OK? Because see, you two idiots got real lucky, I don't have enough to keep you here. But mark my words gentlemen... I mean... you're goin' down. I mean... you're either goin' down... or by God i'm gonna' take you down. But either way... once you're down?

    [picks up a paper weight and slams it on his desk three times]


    [Throws paper weight]

    Detective Charles: Now get up and get out! Get up! get out! get up! get out! get up! get out! get up! get out! get up and go get up and go

    [loud whistle]

    Detective Charles: Don't touch my door!

  • John: Duff? Don't you think you're taking a little bit too much off the top?

    Duff: John, I know what i'm doing okay. I've got to taper it so the sunlight reaches the lower leaves during the growing season!

    John: what about that string there?

    Duff: ...the string is a guide John. It's just a guide!

  • Duff: Ok just so we're all on the same page, I'm flying right now! Angel Dust! So lets keep it real, boys, keep it real and no bodys getting hurt.

  • Gaetano Proclo: A person can catch Athlete's Foot in a place like this!

    Duff: You're lucky if that's all you catch.

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