Drift Quotes in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


Drift Quotes:

  • Drift: [meditates] No pain. No anger. No hate.

    [a Dinobot flies around]

    Drift: Get away, you wretched creature!

  • Hound: [fires shots into the air] Oh yeah! HELL YEAH! He's back! He's alive! OPTIMUS IS HERE!

    Drift: At last, there is hope after all...

  • Optimus Prime: [to the Dinobots] Legendary warriors, the powers that created us now want us all extinguished. We must join forces, or else we'll all be their slaves. So today you stand with us... or you stand against me.

    [Grimlock roars at Optimus and attacks him]

    Crosshairs: We'll let Prime figure this one out...

    Drift: Very wise.

    Crosshairs: [climbs up a waterfall] There's no way I'm staying down with them, NO WAY!

    Optimus Prime: [punches Grimlock] Only together can we survive! Let me lead you!

    [Grimlock transforms into a T-rex and roars fire]

    Crosshairs: Oh, no...

    Drift: I was expecting a giant car!

    Optimus Prime: Come here!

    [Grimlock charges at Prime]

    Optimus Prime: We're giving you freedom!

    [sucker punches Grimlock to the ground, and draws his blade]

    Optimus Prime: Defend my family, or die!

    [Grimlock submits to Optimus]

  • Drift: We must act with stealth and silence...

    [sees a tentacle]

    Drift: Arrrggh! I kill you!

  • [Optimus climbs on Grimlock]

    Optimus Prime: Autobots, we're gonna prove who we are and why we're here!

    Crosshairs: Ugh, you just want to die for the guy. That's leadership. Or brainwashing, or something.

    Drift: No... that's Optimus Prime.

    [the other Dinobots transform as Crosshairs rides Scorn and Drift rides Slug]

    Optimus Prime: Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!

  • Drift: Bumblebee has held the command while you were gone, he is a child who lacks leadership.

    Bumblebee: Well this child is about to kick your ass.

  • Hound: Human beings, buncha back-stabbin' weasels!

    Drift: Hound. Find your inner compass. Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation.

    Hound: What the hell are you sayin'?

    Drift: It's a haiku.

    Hound: [grabs Drift] Cut the crap before I drop a grenade down your throat!

    Drift: [draws a sword] Try it, you'll be dead!

  • Cade Yeager: How fast can this thing go?

    Drift: Very fast. It's a spaceship.

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