Dre Quotes in Judgment Night (1993)


Dre Quotes:

  • [Fallon offers Dre a bribe of a handful of blood-soaked money]

    Dre: That money's got blood on it, man.

    Fallon: You ever seen any that didn't?

  • Dre: We could be legendary! No fear.

  • Dre: It's when you talk like that, that's what makes me think that you're jealous.

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: What?

    Dre: Yes. Jealous!

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: [throws a cookie on the table] No wonder you two are married, you're both crazy! Look here, contrary to what you and your wife may think, I don't spend my nights thinkin' about you, okay?

    Dre: Shh! Lower the voice.

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: I got a man who's fine, intelligent, successful, and gives it to me on a very, very regular basis and the s**t is the bomb!

    Dre: So! I don't care what -

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: Dre I need you to be happy for me. I need you to be there for me, just like you asked of me. So - so I can have tea and eat cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off!

    [throws more cookies on the table in frustration]

  • Dre: Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness.

  • Chris: I'm not the Humphrey Bogart in this. I'm the Peter Lorre. I'm the sidekick character. You the Humphrey Bogart. You had your opening. You know what I'm saying? She wanted you to stop her from marrying the old dude, but you let it ride, you know? Same thing Bogey did, man. You're the same dude.

    Dre: Man, don't be dissin' Humphrey Bogart, man.

    Chris: Why not?

    Dre: 'Cause he's Humphrey Bogart. He's the man. Yo, he was fightin' a war. That's what they did back then.

    Chris: You know what he needed to do back then? He needed to stop fine-ass Ingrid Bergman from gettin' on the plane with the corny dude. And then, he gonna walk off in the fog with some other dude. Come on, man. With another dude, in the fog? Come on. Two grown men walk off in a fog, you don't know where they goin'? Think about it, man.

    Dre: You smoke too much grass, man.

    Chris: I hope you don't think you walkin' off no place with me, man. Matter of fact, let me sit over here.

  • Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: What just happened was the most amazing, most fulfilling, most exhilarating... 5 minutes I've ever had in my life.

    Dre: 10 minutes.

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: 7

    Dre: 9

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: Okay, 8, whatever.

  • Dre: One minute you talkin' about you-you want things to change and the next minute you talking about you want things to stay the same.

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: I do want things to change, I just don't like *how* things have changed. And and and... and I didn't know this is how it would turn out.

    Dre: And that's why we need to look *back*. Okay, 'coz if we look back, then it will make us see things, the mistakes we've made, things that we never knew were there before. And if we just... can *stop*, then maybe we can find that thing that we both know is missing and build on that.

    Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: Are we st... are we still talking about hip-hop?

    Dre: That's all we've ever talked about.

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