Drayton Quotes in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)


Drayton Quotes:

  • Drayton: [to Leatherface] You have one choice, boy: sex or the saw. Sex is, well... nobody knows. But the saw... the saw is family.

  • [when asked the secret of his successful chilli]

    Drayton: No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat. I've got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the family.

  • Drayton: You coonshits, you fudge packers, you'll be the death of me yet!

  • Drayton: S-C-E-X, sex. Ya had to find out about it, didn't ya?

  • Lefty: I'm the Lord of the Harvest!

    Drayton: What's that? Some new health food bunch?

  • Drayton: It's a dog eat dog world and from where I sit there just ain't enough damn dogs!

  • Drayton: Grandpa's strict liquid diet keeps him as fresh as a rose.

  • Drayton: [Hiding under the dinner table while Leatherface and Lefty fight] Maybe it's just time to just shut down. Time to shut down the show, yeah. Yeah, pull the plug. Come here, Nubbins!

    [Pulls the preserved corpse of the hitchhiker from the original film under the table and searches him]

    Drayton: Where... Where's that fuck you Charlie?

  • Drayton: I wouldn't wish this rotten life off on a one-eyed ferret with mange.

  • Drayton: I love this town!

  • Drayton: The small bussinessman... always, always, always gets it in the ass.

  • Drayton: Who sentcha? Those sissies over at Delmar catering? That chicken-shit burrito man?

  • Drayton: A man builds a good sturdy trade by hookin' and crookin' and then

    [removes pin from grenade]

    Drayton: Ka plooey! The Gods just kick him right in the balls. Ah no! Not this time...

  • [a chanting Lefty has just sawed his way through the Sawyers' hideout and has finally come face-to-face with them]

    Lefty: Boys, boys, boys.

    Drayton: What the Hell's goin' on here? That the American way of enterin' a man's home, singin' like that?

  • Drayton: [after Stretch runs right past the Sawyers] Some kinda crazy booger just skits through here!

  • Drayton: I thought you took care of her already.

    Chop Top: Yeah well, Leatherface killed her once already, but LOOK! She's Red-faced. Oh, Bubba's been playing with her, Bubba likes her. Bubba's got a girlfriend!

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