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Dr. Who Quotes:

  • Dr. Who: There, my latest invention.

    Ian: What? A Police Box?

    Susan: Of course not!

    Dr. Who: This is TARDIS.

    Ian: Tardis?

    Susan: It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

  • Dr. Who: We've been working on TARDIS for many years. This is the final component. You are privileged, young man, to be the first visitor to our time and space machine. There. I can now set the controls for anywhere in time and space that we wish to go. When I push that lever, this room and everything in it will dissolve into their respective component electrical charges. We're all made of them! These charges will then be transferred in time and space and reassembled in their proper order and their proper place.

  • Dr. Who: How interesting! This is most interesting!

  • Alydon: Thank you for warning us.

    Dr. Who: I'm sorry, we were not in time to save your friend.

    Alydon: But, I don't understand why? Why do they want to kill us? We came in peace!

    Alydon: You are different from them and they are afraid of anything different. And what people are afraid of, they try to destroy.

    Dyoni: If we could reason with them?

    Dr. Who: They are beyond reason! They wish only to conquer!

    Alydon: What can we do then?

    Dr. Who: Why, fight them!

    Alydon: We are a peaceful people. We see no reason to kill others.

    Dr. Who: But, even when you know, that they would kill you?

    Alydon: The last war destroyed almost everything on this planet. Left it, like this. We do not want another.

  • Dr. Who: [talking about Mechani-Kong] It's exactly like the original Kong. With this, the world is ours.

    Madame Piranha: It's still not the original. You sure you didn't just build a giant toy?

  • Madame Piranha: You're a failure.

    Dr. Who: Not a chance of that!

  • [Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura and Lt. Susan Watson are being held in a freezing cell by Dr. Who because they wouldn't help him manipulate King Kong]

    Dr. Who: Why should you endure this when it's not necessary? Nelson cannot aid you any longer, he's been cancelled.

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: You dog!

    [Dr. Who points gun at him]

    Dr. Who: I am a realist and I need you, so I'm going to be generous. I'm going to let you go without a bit of trouble, and with lots of cash. You just have to do one thing for me.

    [Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura and Lt. Susan Watson refuse]

    Dr. Who: You think I wouldn't kill you? I could and I would.

  • Madame Piranha: Can you get Kong to obey you? You should consider that.

    Dr. Who: You should know that I do.

  • Dr. Who: This could be our last chance to get Kong. At sea, our robot Kong cannot get him. On ground, the machine will take the real Kong without any doubt.

    Madame Piranha: I'm not concerned about which one wins.

  • Dr. Who: Can Kong stay in the water a long time?

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Yes, he can swim a little. More than you can.

  • Madame Piranha: You can control Kong as Nelson did. The woman is his secret. Susan Watson could get Kong to do anything she asked. Might I ask, what do we do with Wason and Neslon when we're through?

    Dr. Who: That is quite easy. Merely a deadly detail.

    Madame Piranha: I'll support you 30 days more. How you do it is your concern.

  • Dr. Who: [after being found escaping from a Dalek] Back in the cell?

  • Dr. Who: Your bomb is designed to slide down this shaft, strike a fracture in the Earth's inner surface, and so release the magnetic core of our planet. But the fracture is near the meeting point of the magnetic influence of the North and South poles. One mistake, one deviation in the aiming of your bomb and enough magnetic energy will be released to destroy you.

    Dalek: There will be no mistake! These prisoners are to be exterminated!

    Dr. Who: One moment. You must listen to me. If you spare us, I can help you. I can show you how to neutralize this magnetism, so that your plan can be carried out with no danger to yourselves.

    Roboman Nine: Section. Roboman Nine as ordered. Halt!

    Dalek: Speak quickly!

    Dr. Who: But I, I'll show you. Look!

    [runs to the intercom]

    Dr. Who: Attentoon all Robomen! Attack the Daleks!

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