Dr. Terminus Quotes in Pete's Dragon (1977)


Dr. Terminus Quotes:

  • Dr. Terminus: I hate Pa - pa - Pastahazootie, or whatever the name of this town is.

    Hoagy: Quoddy.

    Dr. Terminus: Yeah. I don't want to cure anybody here. They all deserve to have whatever they have.

  • Pete: I can't sell you Elliot. I don't own him.

    Hoagy: Well what did you do, rent him?

    Dr. Terminus: Well who owns him?

    Pete: No one, I guess. He just sort of goes to those who need him.

    Dr. Terminus: *I* need him! Look deliver Elliot to me and the fiver is yours plus a special growth formula that's guaranteed to bring on puberty about a year early... and that's better than a dragon, eh?

  • Dr. Terminus: Why do I hear a bell ringing?

    Hoagy: School must be out.

    Dr. Terminus: It's too early, stupid.

  • Hoagy: [trying to tell Dr. Terminus about seeing Elliott for the first time]

    [stutters scarily]

    Hoagy: El- El- Dra- Dra...

    Dr. Terminus: What is an "El- El-, Dra- Dra-"?

  • Dr. Terminus: [talking to the Gogans after Elliott crashed their boat and they fell into the water and now they're sick] Excuse me folks, I witnessed what happened today and I'm completely sympathetic with you.

    Grover: [offensively] What's "sympathetic" mean?

  • Dr. Terminus: [explaining the plan to capture Elliott to Hoagy] Got it?

    Hoagy: Got it. What I don't got is, how are you gonna get that monster, that hideous beast, that nightmare sent by the devil to come here?

    Dr. Terminus: Easy, we get someone he knows to bring him here.

    Hoagy: Who'd be crazy enough to do that?

    [Dr. Terminus stares at Hoagy]

    Hoagy: [screams] NOOOOO! NOOOOOO!

    Dr. Terminus: He knows you, he trusts you!

    Hoagy: He scares me! He hates ME!

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