Dr. Sidney Schaefer Quotes in The President's Analyst (1967)


Dr. Sidney Schaefer Quotes:

  • Dr. Sidney Schaefer: You know, one thing I learned from my patients... they all hate the phone company. It's interesting; even the stock holders of the phone company hate the phone company!

    V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: I know. Bedouins hate the phone company. Matter of fact, I've never been in a country where everybody didn't hate the phone company.

  • Dr. Sidney Schaefer: These guns. Karate. Why?

    Wynn Quantrill: The right wing extremists. Disarm them and us liberals will disarm.

  • Nan Butler: [indicating blinking red alarm light] What's that all about?

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: It's him! He needs me.

  • Don Masters, CEA Agent: I'm a CEA agent.

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: [rises from desk, walks over to read ID card] You ARE a CEA agent. And you really did kill someone!

    Don Masters, CEA Agent: Ahhummm.

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: Fascinating, Don... I suppose it's the conditioning of motion pictures, or television, or maybe it's just it's the times we live in, but... killing is serious business, yet this little card makes it somehow less shocking... acceptable in a way! You mean to say you can actually legally kill someone?

    Don Masters, CEA Agent: Yeah, and it bothers me sometimes that I don't feel guilty about it. Don't you think that's psychotic behavior?

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: No I don't! It explains your utter lack of hostility. You can vent your aggressive feelings by actually killing people! It's a sensational solution to the hostility problem.

    Don Masters, CEA Agent: Doctor, are you trying to tell me it's all right to kill people?

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: It's simply a moral question. Morality is a social invention, and in this case society has decided it's not only acceptable for certain people to kill other people... it's even commendable. Don! I've got to write a paper for the Institute on this!

    Don Masters, CEA Agent: I don't think the CEA would like that.

  • Dr. Sidney Schaefer: If I was a psychiatrist, which I am, I would say that I was turning into some sort of paranoid personality, which I am!

  • Dr. Sidney Schaefer: [firing machine gun] Take that you hostile son of a bitch!

  • Bing Quantrill: Hey, Dad. You want the Magnum .357 in the house?

    Wynn Quantrill: Darn it, Bing. I told you not to play around with my guns. No, I do not want that in the house. That is my car gun. My house gun is already in the house. Now, put that back in the glove compartment, and don't let me catch you fooling with my guns again.

    Bing Quantrill: I'm sorry, Dad.

    Wynn Quantrill: Great kid.

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: I thought you said you were an accountant.

    Wynn Quantrill: I am.

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: Why do you have all these guns around, then?

    Wynn Quantrill: You know.

  • Wynn Quantrill: We've both done weekend picketing.


    Wynn Quantrill: As a matter of fact, we sponsored the Negro doctor and his wife when they moved into the development.

    Dr. Sidney Schaefer: Well, the President will be very pleased to hear that.

    Wynn Quantrill: That's great. If I do say so, it took a little courage. The Bullocks next door? Real right-wingers. American flag up every day. Real fascists. Ought to be gassed. You know the type.

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