Dr. Philip Volker Quotes in Around the World Under the Sea (1966)


Dr. Philip Volker Quotes:

  • Female Technician: Have you got the answer to Hydronaut's question?

    Technician: I'm just sending it out now.

    Dr. Philip Volker: ANFSQ7. Answer my request. Top priority reply. Computer analysis as follows: rook takes queen, check.

  • Dr. Doug Standish: Our mission is to plant warning sensors...

    Dr. Philip Volker: I know that. We take care of *my* mission when we've completed yours.

    Dr. Doug Standish: Well, I can't commit the rest of the crew!

    Dr. Philip Volker: Well don't worry, I'll, I'll - how you say? - cut them in.

    Dr. Doug Standish: Well what makes you think they'll go along with you?

    Dr. Philip Volker: Well haven't you heard? It's better to be a rich scientist than a poor one.

  • Hank Stahl: Well, we're all loaded. Where's the dame?

    Dr. Philip Volker: The "dame" is exercising her rights as a lady: She's late.

  • Dr. Margaret E. 'Maggie' Hanford: Excuse me, I have to get my hat box.

    Hank Stahl: Hat box?

    Dr. Philip Volker: Hat box?

    Dr. Craig Mosby: Hat box.

    Dr. Margaret E. 'Maggie' Hanford: You'll love it. It's absolutely adorable.

    [opens the hat box to show it contains two guinea pigs]

    Dr. Margaret E. 'Maggie' Hanford: Itty and Bitty.

    Dr. Craig Mosby: Itty and... Bitty?

    Dr. Margaret E. 'Maggie' Hanford: For oxygen analysis.

    Dr. Craig Mosby: Oh.

  • Dr. Philip Volker: Margaret Hanford is as handy with a skillet as a scalpel.

  • Dr. Craig Mosby: What is this? Big Brother is watching?

    Dr. Philip Volker: Well, it's better than what you get on the television.

    Dr. Craig Mosby: [into the loudspeaker microphone] Alright, clear the deck! Stand by to dive! On the double!

    Dr. Philip Volker: Well, how do you do, Captain Bligh?

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