Dr. Jekyll Quotes in The Pagemaster (1994)


Dr. Jekyll Quotes:

  • Dr. Jekyll: My boy, I derive no pleasure in telling you that you are in extreme danger.

    Richard Tyler: Danger?

    Dr. Jekyll: Even as we speak.

  • Dr. Jekyll: Yes! I'm Dr. Jekyll!

  • [Tries to flush the powder down the toilet but grabs it at the last second]

    Dr. Jekyll: How stupid of me! What if this had been flushed out to sea? How callous of me, not to think of the fishes and the dolphins and the whales and the pelicans... they could be damaged by this terrible, terrible... ohhhhh...

    [starts cutting lines from the powder]

  • Dr. Jekyll: I'll just weigh it first, to see how much I'm actually throwing out. That's important! Important, scientific data. Official weight...

    [dumps the powder on the scale]

    Dr. Jekyll: A LOT! Oh, I'm acting like a two year old baby! Why throw it away? I worked hard to come up with this stuff. I should save it. For future experiments. Yeah, future experiments! That's it! I'll save it! Not all of it, just a little tiny bit. Maybe, oh... ALL OF IT! Not that I would ever take any of it again myself. NOPE, I'LL GET RID OF IT! Who needs it? Not me! I've got self control! Yeah. I wonder... whose picture's on a one dollar bill?

    [pulls out a dollar bill and starts rolling it up]

    Dr. Jekyll: Oh sure! George Washington! Oh, that's right. Hi, George! Bye, George!

    [sticks the rolled-up dollar in his nose]

    Dr. Jekyll: This is madness. I have a wonderful woman who loves me, a rewarding career, the respect of my peers... so what the hell? One line won't hurt!

    [snorts the powder]


  • Dr. Jekyll: How far into the muck of my beast ancestors have I descended?

    [a "baa" is heard from offscreen. Jekyll turns and sees a sheep]

    Dr. Jekyll: That far?

  • Dr. Lanyon: Perhaps you're forgetting, you're engaged to Muriel.

    Dr. Jekyll: Forgotten it? Can a man dying of thirst forget water? And do you know what would happen to that thirst if it were to be denied water?

    Dr. Lanyon: If I understand you correctly, you sound almost indecent.

    Dr. Jekyll: What names you give things!

  • Poole: You should go out, sir. London offers many amusements for a gentlemen like you, sir.

    Dr. Jekyll: Yes, but gentlemen like me daren't take advantage of them, Poole. Gentlemen like me have to be very careful of what we do or say.

  • Dr. Lanyon: You're a rebel, and see what it has done for you. You're in the power of this monster that you have created.

    Dr. Jekyll: I'll never take that drug again!

    Dr. Lanyon: Yes, but you told me you became that monster tonight not of your own accord. It will happen again.

    Dr. Jekyll: It never will. I'm sure of it. I'll conquer it!

    Dr. Lanyon: Too late. You cannot conquer it. It has conquered you!

  • Dr. Jekyll: I have no soul. I'm beyond the pale. I'm one of the living dead!

  • Dr. Jekyll: Oh, God. This I did not intend. I saw a light but did not know where it was headed. I have tresspassed on your domain. I've gone further than man should go. Forgive me. Help me!

  • Dr. Jekyll: Things one can't do, are the ones I want to.

  • Dr. Jekyll: I walked the streets, brooding on the bitter irony that all I wanted to do for humanity, for life, would be cheated by death... unless I could cheat death.

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