Dr. Henry Jekyll Quotes in The Mummy (2017)


Dr. Henry Jekyll Quotes:

  • Nick Morton: Who are you?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm a doctor... my name is Jekyll, Henry Jekyll.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: We recognize, examine, contain, destroy.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Please meet Princess Ahmanet. She will claim what she has been denied.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Because of your actions, this ancient power has returned.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: You are alive because you were chosen.

    Nick Morton: Chose? By what?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Evil. The ultimate evil.

  • Allan Quartermain: Well, we were the faster, but now we're the tortoise to his hare.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: So, we're done?

    Tom Sawyer: No, we're alive. If M has any idea to the contrary, that gives us an edge.

    Captain Nemo: The sea is vast, he could be anywhere.

    Tom Sawyer: Yeah, well, I'm an optimist, now maybe that's a crime to you twisted so-and-so's but it keeps me from going crazy.

    Mina Harker: Your optimism's out of place.

    Tom Sawyer: You're wrong! Because we'll get out, man... at least, I will. That other agent I told you about... was my childhood friend. We were agents together until the Fantom shot him dead. Now you can be done, but I am not. I will avenge his death.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: It's not about any one of us, Tom, it's bigger than that.

    Tom Sawyer: Yes, it is, Jekyll! The fate for the world is in our hands... the world! So M tricked you, he brought you all together and you walked straight into his trap. But the way that I see it, that's the part he did wrong... He brought you together.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: He has a point.

    Allan Quartermain: And the boy becomes a man... perhaps a leader of men.

    Mina Harker: And Women.

  • Allan Quartermain: Jekyll, come on! We'll need Hyde!

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: No! Hyde will never use me again.

    Dorian Gray: Then what good are you?

  • Allan Quartermain: The Phantom is M. And the hunt is still on.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: What are you talking about?

    Allan Quartermain: The Phantom is M. The same man who recruited us.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [trying to examine Allan's wound] Let me see that.

    [he is shrugged off]

    Captain Nemo: But how?

    Allan Quartermain: We'll get our answers. Where are the others?

    Mina Harker: [entering] Dorian's missing in action. And Mr. Skinner must have fled when he realized we knew.

    Allan Quartermain: [concerned] Sawyer?

    Tom Sawyer: [entering with a bloody lip] He'll live to fight another day.

    Mina Harker: [advances towards Tom, he draws back] Don't worry, I've had my fill of throats for this evening.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: He's stolen us - and we let him!

  • Captain Nemo: Contain your evil, Doctor. I'll not have the brute free upon my ship. Must I take drastic steps?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I am in control.

    Captain Nemo: I very much doubt it.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Your talk is all well and good, sir... but your own past is far from laudable.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Let's not make a saint out of a sinner. Next time he may not be so helpful.

  • Edward Hyde: Yes, Henry. Look, but don't touch. That's your way.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Just shut up. I won't be tricked again.

    Edward Hyde: Tricked? You've known what I was about each time you drank the formula.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Liar. I am a good man.

    Edward Hyde: Who's lying now? You want it, even more than you want her.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: No.

    Edward Hyde: You can't shut me out forever. Drink the elixir.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: No.

    Edward Hyde: She barely even looks at you...

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Be quiet.

    Edward Hyde: SHE LOOKED AT ME.

  • Dorian Gray: [after watching Hyde's attack] Quite the parlor trick.

    Mr. Hyde: Wait 'til you see my next one.

    [Hyde transforms suddenly into small and meek Henry Jekyll]

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Dr.Jekyll... at your service.

  • Mina Harker: [after seeing a painful reaction Jekyll's face] You all right?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: My ears hurt, it's nothing.

  • Vicky Edwards: What plans do you have for Bruce and me?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: None... you can't marry him. You belong to me!

  • Mary Reilly: He said you have an illness. What kind of an illness?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: You might call it a fracture in my soul, something which left me with a taste for oblivion.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: It was the only way he could devise to set you free. It was inevitable from the moment I found how to achieve what I'd always wanted... To be the knife as well as the wound. Would you have ever forgiven me? I wanted the night... you see... and here it is...

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I wanted the night, you see. A - and here it is.

    Mary Reilly: You said you didn't care what the world thought of you. Nor will I.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Haven't you ever wished for a completely new life, Mary?

    Mary Reilly: No sir. What good would that do?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I mean, suppose you were able to do absolutely whatever you wanted, with no consequences and no regrets? Then what?

    Mary Reilly: I don't believe there's such a thing as actions without consequences.

  • [first lines]

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm not going to bite you.

    Mary Reilly: I'm sorry, sir, you gave me a fright.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: You're up very early.

    Mary Reilly: I'm generally up by five, sir, otherwise I get behind.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: When we had our talk, you refused to say you hated your father.

    Mary Reilly: I don't.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Why not?

    Mary Reilly: He put a dark place in me and I can't forgive him for that, but it's part of me now, and how can I regret what I am? Though it often makes me sad.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Oh, well, sadness, yes, that can't helped. That comes in like the tide.

  • Sir George Carew: In devoting yourself to others, Jekyll, aren't you neglecting the development of your own life?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Isn't it by serving others that one develops oneself, Sir George?

    Sir George Carew: Which self? A man has two two - as he has two hands. Because I use my right hand, Should I never use my left?

    [Carew pointedly moves both hands indepemdently, making his point known to the whole table]

    Sir George Carew: Your really strong man fears nothing. It is the weak one that is afraid of - - experience.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Poole, there's a friend of mine named - Hyde. I want him to have full liberty and authority about the house...

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [as Hyde] When you went to see the good doctor, before you left you said... I almost thought, well what did you think? Maybe that you saw a little bit of ME, Hyde in him?

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [as Mr. Hyde] The World is yours, my darling, but the moment is mine!

  • Ivy Peterson: What are you going to do?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Something so simple. I'm going to put an end to all that confusion.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [to Litauer] This moral quibbling is useless. Man as he is comprises two beings: one of whom I call man as he could be. In his perfection this inner man is beyond good and evil.

    Dr. Ernst Littauer: And the other man?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: He too is beyond good and evil - man as he would be... free of all the restictions society imposes on us... subject only to his own will.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [to Litauer] Resigning my appointment freed me from idiots who are no more scientists than I am a priest!

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: London and I are virgins to one another.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Referring to deaf and dumb schoolchildren who are fighting at recess] In each one of these dumb human animals there is a personality which shows itself only in play.

    Dr. Ernst Littauer: Dumb human animals? Henry, these are not pretty guinea pigs; they are children who cannot speak.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: But I am convinced that, in this case, the not speaking is a refusal of one part of the mind to allow the other part to express itself freely.

    Dr. Ernst Littauer: You suggest they play out what they cannot speak out?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Precisely!

    Dr. Ernst Littauer: You are the same Hnry Jekyll, forever seeking keys to the locked doors of the mind.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Thunderstruck by the sensual beauty of the scantily clad exotic dancer] A tigress!

    Paul Allen: [Detached] Tigers needn't lick their lips over her unless they're very rich.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Is she so exclusive?

    Paul Allen: Only princes, pashes, millionaires, or distinguished actor/managers need apply.

    [Aware of Hyde's fascination with the dancer as she continues her routine which climaxes with her putting the snake's head in her mouth]

    Paul Allen: Forget it, John boy. She's not in the prep school class. Believe me, I've tried.

  • Paul Allen: [as the scantily clad Maria walks by their table going to her dressing room] Ah, Maria! The unattainable Eve with her apples and snakes.

    Maria: [Politely] It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Allen.

    Paul Allen: You have a new admirer, my dear, Mr. Edward Hyde.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Obviously attracted to her] Enchanted! My sincere compliments.

    Maria: You are most kind, Mr. Hyde.

    Paul Allen: Such natural manners. She only uses Christian names in bed.

    [Insulted, Maria throws a drink from the table in his face]

  • Maria: [In her dressing room] Your friend talked to me like a common whore.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: In all fairness he never implied you were common.

    Maria: [She takes off her mask and Hyde is struck by her exotic beauty] Just how much money did you have in mind, Mr. Hyde?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I would not insult so beautiful a woman by offering her anything so trivial.

    Maria: [Dismissively] So, thank you for your politeness, but good night.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Don't mention it.

    [She walks into her bedroom and he confidently follows]

    Maria: I have to dress.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Don't let me prevent you.

    Maria: But I have an appointment.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm afraid you'll be late.

    Maria: What could possibly detain me?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Confidently] I intend to.


    Maria: [Feigning insult] You are impertinent Mr. Hyde!

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Cooly] Yes, that is so.

    Maria: [Intrigued] You have an amusing approach.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Merely direct.

    Maria: You are very confident, aren't you?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Lighting a cigarillo] Could a man without confidence approach you?

    Maria: The men who beg get nothing.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I do not beg.

    Maria: If a man buys, he pays much but gets very little.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: I am not buying.

    Maria: [She approaches him] You do not buy... you do not beg.

    [She takes his cigarillo, puts it in her mouth suggestively, and blows the smoke in his face]

    Maria: Is there anywhere a man who simply takes?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [Taking the cigarillo out of her hand] I am that man.

    Maria: I thought you were.

    [She puts her arms around his neck and they they kiss passionately as he takes her down to the bed and begins to undress her]

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm new to your wicked city.

    Cabby: [after Jekyll is out of earshot] It's only wicked if you're poor, sir.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: Will we ever know who we really are?

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: [as Hyde] What are you in for?

    Paul Allen: About 2000 pounds.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: Sell your soul.

    Paul Allen: Gladly. No Takers.

  • Kitty Jekyll: Where is Henry?

    Dr. Henry Jekyll: [as Hyde] Believe me. Your husband is here.

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