Dr. Hans Zarkov Quotes in Flash Gordon (1980)


Dr. Hans Zarkov Quotes:

  • Kala: We're going to empty your memory as we might empty your pockets... Doctor.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: Don't empty my mind! Please, I beg you! My mind is all I have! I've spent my whole life trying to fill it!

  • Princess Aura: [attempts to use her ring to open the door, it doesn't respond] They've changed the code!

    Prince Barin: I've changed too, Aura.

    Princess Aura: And I've changed, too.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: Oh, it's okay. I think I can work it out.

    [starts to use Princess Aura's ring at different angles on the door]

    Prince Barin: I love you. Will you marry me?

    Princess Aura: I don't know, we'll try...

    [breaks away as Barin moves in to kiss her]

    Princess Aura: Not now, Barin...!

    Prince Barin: You haven't changed...

    Princess Aura: If I'm not at the wedding, I'll be shot

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: [Finally manages to picks the electronic door lock with Aura's ring] A-ha! I thought it was one of the prime numbers of the Zenith series. *I* haven't changed.

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: We are only interested in friendship. Why do you attack us?

    The Emperor Ming: Why not? Pathetic earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here. If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would've hidden from it in terror.

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: [pulling a gun on Munson] Get your toothbrush and whatever!

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: What do you find? The moon out of orbit?

    Munson: By more than 12 degrees. This must be some sort of mistake.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: No, it's no mistake... IT'S AN ATTACK! I've been right all these years!

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: Look at them! The poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt...!

    Flash Gordon: [annoyed] Oh, are you looking at ME, Zarkov?

  • Dale Arden: So that's why they let us escape; Klytus thought he'd wiped out your memory.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: But do you know why it really failed?

    Dale Arden: I can't imagine.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: As I was going under, I started to recite Shakespeare, the Talmud, the formulas of Einstein, anything I could remember, even a song from the Beatles.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: It armored me, girl; they couldn't wipe those things away. You can't beat the human spirit!

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: Check the angular vector of the moon!

  • [Munson refuses to go aboard Zarkov's rocket ship]

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: I swear, Munson, I'll shoot!

    Munson: Get shot or go up in that thing? What's the difference?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: This way, you'll be giving your life to save the Earth! Haven't you any spirit at all?

    Munson: NO!

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: [to dead Munson] Sorry, Munson. Missed your opportunity.

  • Prince Vultan: [incredulous] What is this?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: [proud] Humanity.

    Prince Vultan: Madness!

    Dale Arden: [dreamily] Oh, Flash!

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: The red pedal!

  • Flash Gordon: My God!

    Dale Arden: What is this, a civic reception?

    Flash Gordon: More like a police state.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: If it is, that could be our good luck.

    Flash Gordon: Why?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: It means we'll find allies on every side. Look at them, the poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt.

    Flash Gordon: Are you looking at me, Zarkov?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: Yes.

    Dale Arden: Please, stop talking about revolts, I just want to get back home alive.

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