Dr. Emil Hamilton Quotes in Man of Steel (2013)


Dr. Emil Hamilton Quotes:

  • General Swanwick: What have they hit us with?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Looks like some kind of gravity weapon. It's working in tandem with their ship. Somehow they're increasing the Earth's mass clouding the atmosphere with particulates. Oh, my God. They're terraforming.

    Captain Carrie Farris: What's that?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Planetary engineering modifying the Earth's atmosphere and topography.

    General Swanwick: Turning Earth into Krypton.

    Captain Carrie Farris: But what happens to us?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Based on these readings, there won't be an "us."

    Northcom Threat Analyst: General Swanwick, sir. I'm on with the control tower. Colonel Hardy's on his way in and he's got Superman in tow.

    General Swanwick: Superman?

    Northcom Threat Analyst: The alien, sir. That's what they're calling him. Superman.

  • Colonel Nathan Hardy: Miss Lane. I'm Colonel Hardy, U.S. Northcom. Dr. Emil Hamilton from DARPA. You're early.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Hi.

    Colonel Nathan Hardy: We were expecting you tomorrow.

    Lois Lane: Which is why I showed up today. Look, let's get one thing straight, guys, okay? The only reason I'm here is because we're on Canadian soil and the appellate court overruled your injunction to keep me away. So, if we're done measuring dicks, can you have your people show me what you found?

  • Dr. Emil Hamilton: Sir? Hi, my name is Dr. E...

    Superman: Emil Hamilton. I know, I can see your ID tag in your breast pocket, along with a half-eaten roll of wintergreen Life Savers. I can also see the squad of soldiers in the next room, preparing that tranquilizing agent of yours. You won't need it.

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Sir, you-you can't expect us to not take precautions. You could be carrying some kind of alien pathogen.

    Superman: Been here for 33 years, Doctor. Haven't infected anyone yet.

    General Swanwick: That you know of. We have legitimate security concerns. Now, you revealed your identity to Miss Lane over there. Why won't you do the same with us?

    Superman: Let's put our cards on the table here, General.

    [Superman effortlessly snaps the links between his cuffs and approaches General Swanwick]

    Superman: You're scared of me because you can't control me. You don't, and you never will. But that doesn't mean I'm your enemy.

    General Swanwick: Then who is? Zod?

    Superman: That's what I'm worried about.

    General Swanwick: Be that as it may, I've been given orders to hand you over to him.

    Superman: Do what you have to do, General.

  • Dr. Emil Hamilton: General Swanwick, sir.

    General Swanwick: What am I looking at, Doc? Comet? Asteroid?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Comets don't make course corrections, General. Wanted you to see this before some amateur with a telescope creates a worldwide panic.

    [Hamilton goes to a monitor showing an image of Zod's ship]

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: The ship appears to have inserted itself into a lunar synchronous orbit, though I have no idea why.

    General Swanwick: Have you tried communicating with it?

    Dr. Emil Hamilton: Well, they haven't responded, as of yet.

    General Swanwick: I'm just speculating, but I think whoever is at the helm of that thing is looking to make a dramatic entrance.

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