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Dr. Colin Quotes:

  • Dr. Colin: [after Scott kills Commander Topov] Okay. Very good. That's a good boy. We have to go now. You have to finish your job. Then we'll go.

    [Scott doesn't respond]

    Dr. Colin: Hmm? The children.

    Andrew Scott: [Staring at his reflection in a blood-stained mirror] Can I ask you a question?

    Dr. Colin: [laughs coldly] No, you cannot.

    Andrew Scott: You often contemplate... the complexity of life?

    Dr. Colin: [laughs] Hey, it's not for you to ask questions, understand?

    [Scott stands up and turns to face Colin, who looks slightly worried]

    Dr. Colin: Andrew...

    Andrew Scott: Yes or no?

    Dr. Colin: Andrew, you're, uh - you're tired. You've been through a lot today.

    Andrew Scott: Are you a punctual and reliable person?

    Dr. Colin: [Nervously] I don't like your tone.


    Dr. Colin: Sit!

    Andrew Scott: [Doesn't move] You answer my question.

    Dr. Colin: I'm not gonna - how - how do you feel? Do - do you feel warm? Do you need me to cool you off, hmm? Answer me, answer my question.

    Andrew Scott: [Advancing on Colin] You answer my question.

    Dr. Colin: I'm not gonna an- Andrew, I want you to sit down. I need to help - to cool you off now, please. Sit down. I order you to sit!

    [Scott grabs Colin by the throat]

    Dr. Colin: [Gasps] Stop it! You have to- you have to...

    Andrew Scott: You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose?

    Dr. Colin: [Struggling to breathe] stop it! No! This is a mistake...

    Andrew Scott: Are you rested? Are you happy?

    [Grabs Colin's head with both hands]

    Dr. Colin: Stop. Stop. No!

    Andrew Scott: [Voice rising] Yes or no?

    [Begins squeezing Colin's head]

    Andrew Scott: You often think about HUMANKIND, and its DESTINY? Yes or NO? WHO AM I?

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