Dr. Chase Meridian Quotes in Batman Forever (1995)


Dr. Chase Meridian Quotes:

  • [Edward is hiding in the shadows of his cell in Arkham Asylum]

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Edward?

    Edward Nygma: Who is it?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: It's Dr. Meridian; Chase. Do you remember me?

    Edward Nygma: How can I forget?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Dr. Burton tells me that you know who Batman is.

    Edward Nygma: I can't tell you if you don't say "please".

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Edward, please. Who is Batman?

    Edward Nygma: [leaps out from the shadows with his outfit in the shape of a bat costume] I'M... Batman!

  • Batman: I read your work. Insightful. Naive, but insightful.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: I'm flattered. Not every girl makes a superhero's night table.

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Don't work too late.

  • Dr. Chase Meridian: By the way, do you have a first name, or do I just call you Bats?

  • Batman: Commissioner Gordon?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: He's at home. I sent the signal.

    Batman: What's wrong?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Last night at the bank I noticed something about Two-Face. His coin. It's his Achilles' heel. It can be exploited.

    Batman: I know. You called me here for this? The Batsignal is not a beeper.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Well I wish I could say that my interest in you was... purely professional.

    Batman: You trying to get under my cape, doctor?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: A girl can't live by psychoses alone.

    Batman: It's the car, right? Chicks love the car.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: [laughs] What is it about the wrong kind of man? In grade school it was boys with earrings, high school; motorcycles; college, leather jackets. Now...

    [feels his suit]

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Ahhh. Black rubber.

    Batman: Try firemen, less to take off.

    [hastens away but she follows him]

    Dr. Chase Meridian: I don't mind the work. Pity I can't see behind the mask.

    Batman: We all wear masks.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: My life's an open book. You read?

    Batman: I don't blend in at a family picnic.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Oh, we could give it a try. I'll bring the wine, you bring your scarred psyche.

    Batman: Direct, aren't you?

    Dr. Chase Meridian: You like strong women. I've done my homework. Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?

    Batman: I haven't had that much luck with women.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Maybe you just haven't met the right woman.

  • Dr. Chase Meridian: He'll slaughter them without thinking twice.

    Batman: Agreed. A trauma powerful enough to create an alternate personality leaves the victim...

    Dr. Chase Meridian: in a world where normal rules of right and wrong no longer apply.

    Batman: Exactly.

    Dr. Chase Meridian: Like you. - Well, let's just say that I could write a hell of a paper on a grown man who dresses like a flying rodent.

    Batman: Bats aren't rodents, Dr. Meridian.

  • Dr. Chase Meridian: Tear one off and scratch my head. What once was red is black instead.

  • Dr. Chase Meridian: Hot entrance!

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