Dr. Carlisle Cullen Quotes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)


Dr. Carlisle Cullen Quotes:

  • Kate: [taking Bella's hand and zinging her with an electric charge] Oh yeah, she's a shield, all right. Should have put her on her ass.

    Garrett: Or your voltage has been exaggerated.

    Kate: [holds her hand out to Garrett] Maybe it only works on the weak.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Garrett, I wouldn't.

    [Garrett touches Kate's palm and falls to his knees from the electric shock]

    Garrett: [looks at Kate, promptly smitten with her] You, are an amazing woman.

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Vladimir. Stefan. You're a long way from home.

    Kate: What are they doing here?

    Vladimir: We heard the Volturi were moving against you, but that you would not stand alone.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We didn't do what we were accused of.

    Vladimir: [dismissively] We do not care what you did, Carlisle.

    Stefan: We have been waiting a millennium for the Italian scum to be challenged.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It's not our plan to fight the Volturi.

    Vladimir: Shame. Aro's witnesses will be so disappointed.

    Stefan: They enjoy a good fight.

    Eleazar: Aro's witnesses?

    Vladimir: Aw. Still hoping they'll listen?

  • Edward Cullen: [as the Volturi arrive] Aro is looking for ALice.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro, let us discuss things as we used to. In a civilized manner.

    Aro: Fair words Carlisle. But a little out of place given the battalion you've assembled against us.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I can promise you, that was never my intent. No laws have been broken

    Caius: We see the child. Do not treat us as fools.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She is not an immortal! These witnesses can attest to that. Or you can look. See the flush of human blood in her cheeks.

    Caius: Artifice!

    Aro: I will collect every facet of the truth. But from someone more central to the story. Edward, as the child clings to your new born mate, I assume you are involved.

    Aro: [after reading Edward's thoughts] I'd like to meet her

    Aro: [Face to face with Bella and Renesmee] Ah young Bella, immortality becomes you.

    [Regarding Renesmee]

    Aro: Hahahahaha. I hear her strange heart

    Renesmee: Hello Aro

    Aro: [after experiencing her power] Magnifico! Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived and carried by this newborn while she was still human

    Caius: Impossible!

    Aro: Do you think they fooled me brother?

    Caius: Bring the informer forward.

    [to Irina]

    Caius: Is that the child you saw?

    Irina: I'm not sure

    Caius: Jane

    Irina: She's changed. This child is bigger.

    Caius: Then your allegations were false

    Irina: The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake. I'm sorry.

    Edward Cullen: [after Caius orders the death of Irina] Caius no!

    [to Tanya]

    Edward Cullen: Tanya this is what they want. If you attack now we'll all die.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro you see there's no law broken here.

    Aro: Agreed. But does it then follow that there is no danger? For the first time in our history humans pose a threat to our kind. Their modern technology has given birth to weapons that could destroy us. Maintaining our secret has never been more imperative. In such perilous times only the known is safe. Only the known is tolerable. And we know nothing of what this child will become. Can we live with such uncertainty? Spare ourselves a fight today, only to die tomorrow.

  • Edward Cullen: [to Jacob] I think you may be right.

    [to everyone]

    Edward Cullen: Jacob just had an idea.

    Jacob Black: It wasn't an idea. It was more of a snide comment.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: What were you thinking?

    Jacob Black: [smirks] That it's just looking for someone to sink it's teeth into.

    Bella Swan: He's thirsty.

    Emmett Cullen: I know the feeling...

  • Bella Swan: [answers phone] Alice.

    Alice Cullen: Bella? Are you alright?

    Bella Swan: I'm not 100% sure.

    Alice Cullen: Why? What's wrong? I just.

    Bella Swan: You just what? Alice, what did you see?

    Alice Cullen: Here's Carlisle.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Bella, what's going on?

    Bella Swan: I don't know.

    [looks at Edward]

    Bella Swan: I'm a little worried. Can vampires go into shock?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Has Edward been harmed?

    Bella Swan: No. I know that it's impossible, but I think that I'm pregnant.

    [reacts in pain]

    Bella Swan: Whoa! Carlisle, I swear, something just moved inside me.

    Edward Cullen: [takes phone] Is this even possible?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I don't know.

    Bella Swan: What's he saying?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The sooner Bella is here the sooner we can find out what it is. I need you to get to the mainland at once.

    Edward Cullen: Yeah, yeah I will.

  • Edward Cullen: She shouldn't be this still.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It's the morphine.

    Edward Cullen: Maybe I was too late.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: No, Edward. Listen to her heart.

  • Bella Swan: Jake, is that you?

    Jacob Black: She's here?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They came home two weeks ago.

    [going after Jacob]

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jake.

    Bella Swan: I'm glad you came.

    Rosalie Hale: Close enough.

    Jacob Black: What's your problem?

    Bella Swan: Rose, it's okay.

    Jacob Black: [sighs] You look terrible.

    Bella Swan: Yeah. It's nice to see you, too.

    Jacob Black: So, you gonna tell me what's wrong with you?

    Bella Swan: Rose, you wanna help me up?

    Jacob Black: [sees Bella's pregnant stomach and charges Edward] You did this!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We didn't know it was even possible.

    Jacob Black: What is it?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm not sure. Ultrasounds and needles won't penetrate the embryonic sac.

    Alice Cullen: I can't see it, either. And I can't see Bella's future anymore.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We've been researching legends, but there isn't much to go on. What we do know is that it's strong and fast growing.

    Jacob Black: Why haven't you done anything? Take it out of her!

  • Jacob Black: Sam's lost the element of surprise and he doesn't want to take you on outnumbered, so he's not gonna come at you head on. He's got the place surrounded and he'll wait for his opportunity.

    Emmett Cullen: We won't get through without a fight.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: No fights. We won't be the ones to break the treaty.

    Jacob Black: The treaty is void, at least in Sam's mind.

    Esme Cullen: Not in ours.

    Emmett Cullen: Carlisle, no one's hunted for weeks.

    Esme Cullen: We'll make do.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You've done us a great service, Jacob. Thank you.

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Bella could deliver as early as tomorrow. If she's going to have any chance at all, she'll need more blood.

    Esme Cullen: And you need to feed. You have to be at your strongest for her. We need to go tonight.

    Jacob Black: Carlisle, you're the enemy now. Sam won't hesitate. You will be slaughtered.

    Esme Cullen: Emmett will come with us.

    Jacob Black: That won't be enough.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We have no choice, Jacob. If there's anything we can do to save her, we have to try.

    Jacob Black: You'd risk your lives for her?

    Esme Cullen: Of course we would! Bella's a part of our family now.

    Jacob Black: Yeah, I can see that. This really is a family. As strong as the one I was born into. I know what I have to do.

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Your rib is cracked, but there are no splinters. You haven't punctured anything.

    Edward Cullen: Yet.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Edward.

    Edward Cullen: It's breaking her bones now. It's crushing you from the inside out. Carlisle, tell her what you told me. Tell her.

    Bella Swan: Carlisle, tell me. It's alright.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The fetus isn't compatible with your body. It's too strong. It won't allow you to get the nutrition you need. It's starving you by the hour. I can't stop it and I can't slow it down. At this rate, your heart will give out before you can deliver.

    Bella Swan: Then I'll hold on as long as I can and then.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [interrupts] Bella. There are some conditions that even venom can't overcome. You understand? I'm sorry.

  • Jacob Black: You're gonna make her drink that?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [pours blood into a drinking glass] It's the fastest way to test the theory.

    Jacob Black: [moves away from Bella] I think I'm gonna be sick.

  • Bella Swan: You all know what I want. And I know it's a lot to ask for. The only fair way I can think of is if we put this to a vote.

    Edward Cullen: Bella, you don't know what you're doing.

    Bella Swan: [to Edward] Just... shut up.

    Bella Swan: Alice?

    Alice Cullen: I already consider you my sister... Yes!

    Bella Swan: Thank you.

    Jasper Whitlock: I vote yes. It would be nice not to want to kill you all the time.

    Rosalie Hale: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you for how I've acted. And I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to go save my brother. But this isn't a life I would have chosen for myself. And I wish that there had been someone to vote no for me. So no.

    Emmett Cullen: I vote hell yeah! We can pick a fight with the Volturi some other way.

    Esme Cullen: I already think of you as part of the family. Yes!

    Edward Cullen: Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You've chosen not to live without her, which leaves me no choice. I won't lose my son.

  • Bella Swan: I never wanted to have a party.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It's not your fault. Jasper hasn't been away from human blood as long as the rest of us.

    Bella Swan: How do you do it?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Years and years of practice.

    Bella Swan: Did you ever think of just doing it the easy way?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: No. I knew who I wanted to be. I wanted to help people. It brings me happiness, even if I am damned regardless.

    Bella Swan: Damned? Like, hell?

    [Carlisle glances at Bella and says nothing]

    Bella Swan: Carlisle, you couldn't be damned. You couldn't. It's impossible.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you, Bella. You've always been very... gracious about us.

    Bella Swan: [thinking] So that's it? That's why he won't change me?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Imagine the situation in reverse, hmm. If you believed as Edward does, could you take away his soul?

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Imagine the situation in reverse. If you believed you'd be destroying Edward's soul... Would you do it?

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jacob. Do you think Sam would agree to... an understanding?

    Jacob Black: So long as we get to kill *some* vampires.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jasper?

    Jasper Hale: They'll give us the numbers. The newborns won't know they even exist. That'll give us an edge.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll need to coordinate.

    Bella Swan: Carlisle! They're gonna get hurt!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll all need some training. Fighting newborns requires knowledge Jasper has. You're welcome to join us.

    Jacob Black: All right. Name the time and the place.

    Bella Swan: Jake, you don't know what you're getting yourself into.

    Jacob Black: Bella, this is what we do. You should be happy. Look at us, working together. You are the one who wanted us to get along, remember?

  • Alice Cullen: They'll be here in four days.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: This could turn into a bloodbath.

    Edward Cullen: Who's behind it?

    Alice Cullen: I didn't see anyone I recognized... maybe one.

    Edward Cullen: I know his face. He's a local. Riley Biers. He didn't start this.

    Alice Cullen: Whoever did is staying out of the action.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They must be playing with the blind spots in your vision.

    Jasper Hale: Either way, the army's coming and there aren't enough of us to protect the town.

    Jacob Black: Hold up. What damn army?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Newborns. Our kind.

    Embry Call: What are they after?

    Alice Cullen: They were passing around Bella's scent. A red blouse.

    Jacob Black: They're after Bella? What the hell does this mean?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It means an ugly fight. With lives lost.

    Jacob Black: [looking at his pack mates, then back at Carlisle] All right. We're in.

    Bella Swan: No... you'll get yourself killed. No way.

    Jacob Black: I wasn't asking for permission.

  • Rosalie Hale: Is she even Italian?

    Emmett Cullen: Her name's Bella.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm sure she'll love it no matter what.

    Rosalie Hale: [sniffs] Ooh... get a whiff of that. Here comes the human.

    [Esme flashes a big grin just before Bella and Edward walk around the corner]

    Esme Cullen: [runs up to Bella] Bella! We're making Italiano for you.

    Edward Cullen: Bella, this is Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes.

    Isabella Swan: Buon Giorno?

    Esme Cullen: Molto Bene!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It gives us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time.

    Esme Cullen: I hope you're hungry.

    Isabella Swan: Yeah, absolutely!

    Edward Cullen: She already ate.

    Rosalie Hale: [crushes the salad bowl she's holding] Perfect!

    Isabella Swan: Yeah - it's just that I know... I know you guys don't eat.

    Esme Cullen: Of course. That's very considerate of you.

    Edward Cullen: Just ignore Rosalie. I do.

    Rosalie Hale: Yeah! Let's just keep pretending like this isn't dangerous for all of us.

    Isabella Swan: I would never tell anybody anything.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She knows that.

    Emmett Cullen: Yeah, well the problem is... you two have gone public now so...

    Esme Cullen: Emmett!

    Rosalie Hale: No, she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly.

    Isabella Swan: Badly as in... I become the meal.

    [Carlisle and Edward struggle to suppress laughs]

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [while Edward is sucking the venom and blood out of Bella] Edward, stop. Her blood is clean. You're killing her. Stop. Find the will.

  • Rosalie Hale: [after Edward asks her to put on Bella's coat to distract James] Why? What is she to me?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [Hands her the coat] Rosalie. Bella is with Edward. She's part of the family now. We protect our family.

  • [Alice and Jasper come in through the window]

    Alice Cullen: Hi Bella! I'm Alice.

    [Alice walks up to Bella and hugs her]

    Alice Cullen: Oh, you do smell good.

    Edward Cullen: Alice, what are you - ?

    Alice Cullen: It's okay. Bella and I are going to be great friends.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Sorry, Jasper's our newest vegetarian. It's still a little difficult for him.

    Jasper Hale: Pleasure to meet you.

    Alice Cullen: It's okay Jasper, you won't hurt her.

    Edward Cullen: [to Bella] All right, I'm going to take you on a tour of the rest of the house.

    Alice Cullen: Well, I'll see you soon.

    Isabella Swan: Okay.

    Esme Cullen: [gushing] So CUTE!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I think that went well.

    Esme Cullen: [to Rosalie] Clean this up. Now!

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [to Rosalie, after she is tagged "out"] "Nice kitty!"

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You've got to make a choice, Edward, to prevent the change from happening.

    Edward Cullen: no... NO!

    Alice Cullen: It's gonna happen, Edward. I've seen it.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It doesn't have to be that way. She still has what she has.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [to Alice, about Bella's broken leg] Give me a hand... take your belt off.

    [Alice takes her belt off]

    Edward Cullen: Carlisle, what's my other options?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [to Alice] tie it above my hand

    [Alice ties it above his hand]

    Edward Cullen: CARLISLE!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [to Alice] go Alice, go!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [to Edward] Try suck the venom out.

    Edward Cullen: you know i won't be able to stop!

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Then find the will... or choose. She only has minutes left.

    Edward Cullen: [to Bella] I'll make it go away, Bella. I'll make it go away.

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [comes through hospital doors] I heard the Chief's daughter was in here.

    Charlie Swan: Dr. Cullen.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Charlie. I got this one, Jackie. So, Isabella.

    Isabella Swan: [correcting him] Bella.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Well, Bella. It looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel?

    Isabella Swan: Fine.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Look here.

    [Carlisle holds up a finger, shining a small light into Bella's eyes]

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You might experience some post-traumatic stress, and some disorientation, but your vitals looks good. No sign of any head trauma. I think you'll be just fine.

    Tyler Crowley: [miserably] I'm so sorry, Bella. I'm really...

    [Charlie grabs the curtain separating Bella's bunk from Tyler's, and draws it closed]

    Isabella Swan: [talking to Carlisle as he writes on the clipboard] You know, it would've been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn't there. He knocked me out of the way.

    Charlie Swan: [to Carlisle] Edward? Your boy?

    Isabella Swan: Yeah, it was amazing. He got to me so fast! He was nowhere near me.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Sounds like you were very lucky. Charlie?

    [Carlisle nods at Charlie, and walks away]

  • Edward Cullen: [shuts car door] Carlisle, what's going on?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [sighs] Waylon Forge was found in a boat out near his place, I just examined the body.

    Isabella Swan: He died? How?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Animal attack

    [looks at Edward]

    Isabella Swan: [glances at Edward]

    [to Carlisle]

    Isabella Swan: Was it the same one that got that security guard down at Mason?

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [sighs, then glances at Edward] Most likely.

    Isabella Swan: It must getting closer to town then...

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [cuts Bella off] Bella, you should go inside. Waylon was your father's friend.

    Isabella Swan: Okay.

    [glances at Edward and walks up stairs]

    Isabella Swan: [turns around to Carlisle then to Edward] Um, I'll see you later.

    [Carlisle turns to Edward]

  • Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [puts hand on Edward's shoulder when Edward is attacking James] Son, enough. Remember who you are.

  • Laurent: I believe this belongs to you.

    [Laurent tosses the ball back to Carlistle, who catches it easily]

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you.

    Laurent: I am Laurent, and this is Victoria, and James.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm Carlisle, this is my family

    Laurent: Hello.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm afraid your hunting activities have caused something of a mess for us.

    Laurent: Our apologies. We didn't realize this territory had been claimed.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Yes, well. We maintain a permanent residence nearby.

    Laurent: [slightly amused] Really? Well, we won't be a problem any more. We were just passing through.

    Victoria: [smiles smugly] The humans were tracking us, but we led them east. You should be safe.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Excellent.

    Laurent: So, could you use three more players?

    [Carlisle looks around warily]

    Laurent: [gives a friendly smile] Oh, come on. Just one game.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [glances in Edward's direction] Sure, why not? A few of us were leaving, you can take their place. We'll bat first.

    [Carlisle tosses the ball back to Laurent]

    Victoria: [catches ball in front of Laurent's face] I'm the one with the wicked curve ball.

    Jasper Hale: Oh, I think we can handle that.

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