Dr. Alex Tremor Quotes in The Butcher's Wife (1991)


Dr. Alex Tremor Quotes:

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: Did you forget our appointment?

    Eugene: I got a job now. I don't need a shrink anymore.

    Marina Lemke: Eugene, honey, I don't think he likes being called that.

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: We're supposed to relax and have fun. God damn it.

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: [at the end of an argument] And I told you I'm uncomfortable with the term shrink.

    Robyn Graves: *Shrink*!

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: Can we talk about this rationally?

    Robyn Graves: No. Can you fight like a man instead of a shrink?

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: No, no, no, I'm always interested when my friends show early signs of dimensia praecox.

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: How can I help you, Leo?

    Leo Lemke: I don't need your help. I'm perfectly normal.

  • Stella Keefover: I think I really owe this one to that psychic.

    Dr. Alex Tremor: I thought we dealt with that.

    Stella Keefover: Don't worry, it's not like I'm cured or anything.

    Dr. Alex Tremor: Good. Well, not good...

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: Can't you see how dangerous you are?

    Marina Lemke: You say that listening to your heart and trusting what you feel, is that what you're calling dangerous? You know what, I hope I am contagious 'cause life isn't about your damn books and theories. You know what, life is life, and it's messy, and it's complicated, andyou know what it takes guts!

    [hits with pillow]

    Marina Lemke: That's not something you're gonna find in any book. And you know what, just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's crazy.

  • Leo Lemke: Why, why, why are you fucking with my life?

    Dr. Alex Tremor: I never laid a hand on her.

    Leo Lemke: My life! My life!

  • Dr. Alex Tremor: [talking to self in mirror, shaving] You ended up skating in the park witha patient. It's class countertransferance. You allowed her to manipulate you into a vulnerable - nevermind unprofessional - situation where she controlled you. This is freshman psychology, Alex.

    [cuts chin]

    Dr. Alex Tremor: Oh, oh, good! Oh, good! Good! Dr. Tremor, don't blow a graet career on a cute piece of ass. You keep your dick in your pants, your id in check, and you remember we have a mission in this world.

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