Doug Quaid Quotes in Total Recall (2012)


Doug Quaid Quotes:

  • Matthias: Mr. Hauser, What is it you want?

    Doug Quaid: I want to help you.

    Matthias: That is not the only reason you are here.

    Doug Quaid: I want to remember.

    Matthias: Why?

    Doug Quaid: So I can be myself, be who I was.

    Matthias: It is each man's quest to find out who he truly is, but the answer to that lies in the present, not in the past. As it is for all of us.

    Doug Quaid: But the past tells us who we've become.

    Matthias: The past is a construct of the mind. It blinds us. It fools us into believing it. But the heart wants to live in the present. Look there. You'll find your answer.

  • Doug Quaid: If I'm not me, then who the hell am I?

    Lori Quaid: How would I know? I just work here.

    Doug Quaid: Speculate.

    Lori Quaid: If I had to guess, all the trouble Cohaagen's taken to hide you from the Resistance, you must be fairly important. And with your skill set, I think it's highly doubtful you're his gardener.

    Doug Quaid: Cohaa... Cohaagen's trying to hide me? Why are you trying to kill me? Talk!

    Lori Quaid: Call it the seven-year-itch, Doug. Oh. And by the way, you haven't even *begun* to see me try to kill you!

  • Doug Quaid: Oh, shit. Lori.

    Melina: Who?

    Doug Quaid: It's my wife.

    Melina: You're married?

    Doug Quaid: It's safe to say we're separated.

  • Doug Quaid: Tell me what is going on? Talk! Or we can skip to "Until death do us apart."

    Lori Quaid: I'm not your wife.

    Doug Quaid: That's bullshit. We've been married for seven years.

    Lori Quaid: I'm U.F.B. police intel, assigned to play your wife. Six weeks ago. I didn't even know you.

    Doug Quaid: What are you talking about?

    Lori Quaid: It's true. Your memory was erased, your mind was implanted with a life you think you've lived. You keeping up, baby? There is no Douglas Quaid, there never was.

    Doug Quaid: Are you saying I don't... This... Every... Our marriage...

    Lori Quaid: What can I say? I give good wife.

  • Doug Quaid: Everyone seems to know me, but me.

  • Melina: Hauser, we've been looking for you.

    Doug Quaid: Don't call me... My name is Doug Quaid. I was born August 29th. All right. I was raised by my mother. She died of cancer before my 15th birthday. I married my girlfriend when I was 29!

    Melina: You were born April 29th. You were raised by your father, not your mother. He died before you were 15, but in a car crash. And believe me, you were most definitely not married.

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