Dorian Tyrell Quotes in The Mask (1994)


Dorian Tyrell Quotes:

  • Dorian Tyrell: Okay, Twinkle Toes. I want to know where my money is, and I want to know right now.

    The Mask: Okay

    [sits on stool and takes out an adding machine]

    The Mask: You've got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the 9, divide by the Gross National Product... fortunately, funeral bouquets are deductible.

    Dorian Tyrell: [to henchman] Ice this deadbeat!

  • Dorian Tyrell: 50 grand. 50 grand to the man who finds that green-faced son of a bitch before the cops do. I want you to get the word out to every street hustler, to every lowlife in this town, you understand? I want him here tomorrow, alive.

  • [Tyrell and Ipkiss are fighting at the club]

    Dorian Tyrell: I'm gonna take you apart.

    Stanley Ipkiss: Well, I hope you can enjoy the victory with one freakin' eye!

    [Ipkiss pokes Tyrell in the eye]

  • Dorian Tyrell: [to a wounded Freeze] What happened?

    Freeze: Someone hit the joint before we could.

    Dorian Tyrell: [Places a cigarette in Freeze's mouth] Here, suck on that.

    [Tries to light his lighter, but Freeze dies and the cigarette falls out of his mouth]

    Dorian Tyrell: [looking angrilly]

    [Throws the cigarette lighter across the bar room where it crashes and breaks something]

  • Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Drop it, Tyrell!

    Dorian Tyrell: Hey, Kellaway!

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Drop it!

    Dorian Tyrell: A'right.

    [drops gun]

    Dorian Tyrell: So, you got a warrant this time? Or'd you just stop by for a nightcap?

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: What I got is probable cause. A couple of your boys was spotted knocking over Edge City Bank.

    Dorian Tyrell: [to Doyle] Easy, junior, you're giving me a Woody.

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: And one of 'em was wearing a big green mask.

    Dorian Tyrell: You know, for once, Kellaway, you're right. Except it wasn't one of my boys. Maybe if you tried a little actual police work...

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: [to policemen] Cuff 'em.

    Police Officer: Hey, lieutenant, we got a stiff upstairs. It's one of the guys from the heist.

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Better call that high-priced lawyer of yours, Tyrell. You and I are going downtown for a little chat. Get him out of here!

    Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: [Spots a piece of Stanley's pajamas on floor] Ipkiss!

  • Dorian Tyrell: Stanley! Tell me. How's this mask work?

    Stanley Ipkiss: I don't know. You just put it on.

    [Dorian is about to put on the mask]

    Eddy: Boss! You better be carefull, huh?

    [Dorian puts on the mask and transforms himself into The Mask]

    Dorian Tyrell: [now in deepend voice] What a rush!

    Eddy: Wow, boss! You're okay?

    Dorian Tyrell: Better than ever, you idiot.

    Eddy: What do we do with Ipkiss?

    Dorian Tyrell: The police are looking for The Mask. So, we'll give them The Mask.

  • Freeze: I do have one question.

    Dorian Tyrell: Which is?

    Freeze: What does Niko have to say about this?

    Dorian Tyrell: Nothin'... this ain't his grift.

    Freeze: Get real man, everything is his grift. He owns you, he owns this... club he owns this whole stink' town.

    Dorian Tyrell: Things change

    [takes drag on cigarette]

    Dorian Tyrell: .

    Freeze: You mess with Niko you end up takin' a dirt nap.

  • Niko's Golf Game: [Niko hits a golf ball, it lands in a virtual reality golf game screen] 120 yards.

    [Dorian enters with 2 of Niko's men on each side]

    Niko: Hello, Dorian. Thanks for dropping by.

    Dorian Tyrell: Well, next time why don't you call, all right? Leave the delivery boys at home.

    [Niko grins at the thugs evilly and nods. They force Dorian to the floor, and Niko laughs as they do. One of them points a gun at Dorian and the other places a wooden tee in Dorian's mouth. He spits the tee out. The man with the gun cocks the hammer and holds the gun to Dorian's head. The other man then places another tee in Dorian's mouth and puts a golf ball on it]

    Niko: [swings club slowly around Dorian's face] The cops, ah... tried to shut the club down this morning. They say you've been using the place to run your own small-time scams. I hear things like that, and I start losing my concentration. And my game, it goes straight to HELL!

    [pulls the club back for swing]

    Niko: You could, too.

    [swings and hits the ball]

    Dorian Tyrell: [cries out in pain] Ahh!

    Niko's Golf Game: 205 yards.

    Niko: I'm fed up with you, Dorian. But I'm gonna cut you a break. One week to get out of town.

    [brushing Dorian's cheek with the club. Dorian smacks it away]

    Niko: After that, I'll use your empty little skull to break in my new 9-iron.

    [the two thugs lift Dorian up roughly and escort him out of office]

  • Peggy Brandt: [as Dorian's henchmen drag Stanley to a newpaper printing machine] You said you wouldn't hurt him!

    Dorian Tyrell: I lied.

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