Donovan Quotes in DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)


Donovan Quotes:

  • Donovan: Our Nano-bots were working overtime on THAT fight.

  • Donovan: Uh... Mr. Stevens, are you so sure this is the place? I mean maybe it's just me, but you can't see shit out here. Ya know?

  • Louis Stevens: Do you mind?

    Donovan: No

  • Donovan: What am I looking at here? This is, like... '90s adorable normal guy.

  • Donna: Is there any species that just has one gender... that doesn't have male-female?

    Roger: Starfish for one.

    Donovan: Next time I see a starfish, I'm gonna tell him to go fuck himself.

  • Prison Oficer: One black leather jacket, one plastic comb, blue, two studded leather bracelets, black, and one lipstick, fire engine red.

    Donovan: [sarcastically] All your worldly possessions.

    Nikki Finn: [speaking of the lipstick] Don't knock it, Donovan. You can't get this shade'a red anymore.

  • Nikki Finn: So... am I free now?

    Donovan: Yes.

    [Nikki punches her]

  • [Dusty is trying to beat him up]

    Donovan: Dusty, will you just let me say one word?

    Dusty: One!

    Donovan: Dusty...

    Dusty: That's it!

  • Donovan: You always kiss like that?

    Dusty: I've been saving up.

  • Donovan: [looking skyward, trying to talk to God] What have I done to deserve this?

    Clovis: Who are you talking to?

    Donovan: It doesn't matter. I don't think He's listening to me anyway.

  • Donovan: Three 'widdle' kids? Three little swindlers, you mean.

  • Donovan: [Donovan's been trying all day to pawn the orphans off on someone else] Ah, the lady of the house!

    Mrs. Stockley: [drops her empty gin bottle and it shatters] Kids, yick!

    Donovan: The children are marvelous about parties. They love parties themselves!

    Mrs. Stockley: [to her husband as she drags him back inside and starts to close the door on him] Come on!

    Donovan: If you'd just take one small look...

    [she slams the door]

    Bobby: Who was that?

    Donovan: [flatly] That was the president of the garden club.

  • [first lines]

    Findlay: [on the radio] You could argue even, you know, Nick Drake's mystique is a lot to do with him not being around, d'ya know what I mean? If Nick Drake was now on Chatty Man with Alan Carr talking about his new record, that mystique would be dissipated, wouldn't it?

    Donovan: No, you're absolutely right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Findlay: Age shall not wither him, you know what I mean? He's frozen at that moment.

  • Donovan: You don't have to the woods to not get laid. We can take you to Hollywood and you can not get laid tonight.

  • Oscar Piper: [after discovering Donovan unconcious in the men's bathroom] Well?

    Donovan: Uh, I was just sitting there and something hit me on the head.

    Oscar Piper: [Sarcastically] It's a good thing it was your head!

  • Cagle: Well, he sure wasn't bluffing about them barricades, or them gunhands he's got behind them.

    Jud Spangler: Gunhands? There ain't ten men in the whole town that knows which end of the gun does the shooting.

    Donovan,: Yeah, well, I'd sure hate to find out by having them practicing on me!

    Jud Spangler: Listen to me! I'll tell you when you get shot and when not! You understand that? Don't forget it!

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