Donna Malone Quotes in Unaccompanied Minors (2006)


Donna Malone Quotes:

  • Donna Malone: This is so not the Christmas I had in mind.

    Donna Malone: Oh, poor baby. I bet you have nice Christmases, don't you, rich kid? Where does your family go? Paris? London? Fiji?

    Grace Conrad: Please. Fiji's a zoo this time of year. We go skiing in Utah.

    Donna Malone: Are your folks still together?

    Grace Conrad: Yes.

    Donna Malone: Then I hate you.

    Grace Conrad: I'm not wild about you either.

    Charlie Goldfinch: Well, I love Christmas and I'm Jewish.

    Timothy 'Beef' Wellington: My mom's boyfriend says that Christmas is when Frosty the Snowman fights the devil.

    Donna Malone: It talks.

  • Donna Malone: It's really small in here.

    Charlie Goldfinch: Yeah it's great isn't it?

    Grace Conrad: Charlie, just because you like to compensate for your abandonment issues by stuffing yourself into small womblike spaces doesn't mean everybody does.

    [everybody looks at her]

    Grace Conrad: What? My mom's a psychologist.

  • Donna Malone: Hey. Watch it, Dr. Evil.

    Oliver Porter: Oh no, did I offend you? Well I don't know what else to call someone who commits grand theft auto, reckless driving and destruction of property all in the course of 10 minutes.

    Donna Malone: Someone cooler than you'll ever be.

    Oliver Porter: Oh! O-o-o-o-oh! Woo! That's fantastic! I didn't know we had Ellen DeGeneres in the house.

  • Grace Conrad: If you guys get me sent back to that room, your dead!

    Donna Malone: What are you gonna do, rich girl. Have your daddy hire a hit man?

    Grace Conrad: Maybe I'll just have him break your dad out of jail.

    Spencer Davenport: [hiding his face behind his hand] Hmmmm...

    [Grace smirks at Donna, who reacts by attacking Grace and starting a fight]

    Charlie Goldfinch: Girl fight! Girl fight! Oh, my gosh, it's a girl fight!

  • Donna Malone: [to Santa] Hey! Hands off, fat boy!

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