Donald Dasher Quotes in Female Trouble (1974)


Donald Dasher Quotes:

  • Taffy Davenport: What's that camera for?

    Donald Dasher: To take pictures of your mother.

    Taffy Davenport: HER?

    Donald Dasher: We happen to think she's quite beautiful.

    Taffy Davenport: You must be cockeyed, then! HEY, lady! Have some CHIPS!

    Donna Dasher: Really, I couldn't. Thanks, but uh, no thanks.

    Taffy Davenport: (mockingly) Nuh NYEHH nuh NYEEHHH.

    Dawn Davenport: You want your spaghetti with or without cheese?

    Donna Dasher: I'll have two chicken breasts please.

    Dawn Davenport: Well, uh, we're not having that, we're having spaghetti.

    Donna Dasher: I couldn't possibly eat spaghetti, do I look Italian?

    Donald Dasher: We rarely eat any form of noodle. But I'll take a small portion to be polite, with cheese, please.

    Donna Dasher: I'll have an extremely large glass of ice-water.

  • Aunt Ida: Aahhh! Ahhhh! Dawn, ya son of a bitch! You're the one who did it! YOU! You drove Gater away!

    [as Ida enters the room]

    Donald Dasher: Oh my God!

    Donna Dasher: Incredible!

    Dawn Davenport: Ida Nelson, you get out of my house!

    [hurling acid into Dawn's face]

    Aunt Ida: You made Gater leave! I got somethin for your face, motherfucker!

  • Donald Dasher: We are always curious as to what drew you here to "Le Lipstique".

    Stripper: Well I heard all the strippers come here, and I got sick of my old salon.

    Donna Dasher: And supposing we become sick of you?

    Stripper: Well, I had hoped that wouldn't happen...!

    Donna Dasher: Well, I think it IS happening. It's hard to describe, but when I look into your face, I pick up a distinct feeling of nausea.

    Stripper: Hey, WAIT A MINUTE...!

  • Taffy: [showing up at Superstar nightclub dressed in saffron robes] Hare Krishna, mother!

    Dawn Davenport: You've finally done it, haven't you! Embarrassed me on my night of FAME!

    [grabbing her]

    Dawn Davenport: No reporters saw you did they

    [Taffy shaking off her mother's hands]

    Dawn Davenport: Look at you, I could vomit!


    Donna Dasher: Remember Alice Crimmins.

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