Don José Lizarabengoa Quotes in The Loves of Carmen (1948)


Don José Lizarabengoa Quotes:

  • Carmen García: [Jose's watch chimes] Well, not only is he beautiful, but music comes out of him.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: It's just a watch. It chimes.

    Carmen García: Aw, too bad. I thought for a minute you had wonderful possibilities.

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: What are those Gypsies doing here?

    Old Man: They've come to entertain. The colonel sent his own carriage after them. When he gives a party, he does things handsomely. I'll say that for him.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: That girl, the one who's dancing. How can she be so bold as to come to the colonel's party? She's in hiding from the police.

    Old Man: That's Carmen. And the colonel is a man just like any other man, I suppose. But it won't last. She never likes anybody very long.

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: But why was I walking? Because I was punished for letting you escape, that's why.

    Carmen García: All that for me. Just imagine. I owe you a great deal, it seems. How much longer must you stand here?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Of what importance is that to you?

    [Carmen starts to walk away, clicking her castanets, Jose stops her]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Another hour, just one more and I can leave here. I'm confined to the barracks, but I'll get away, I swear it.

    Carmen García: Come to think of it, I'm beginning to be bored with this party. I think I shall run away from it and go to Lillas Pastia's. In about an hour. That same hour you were speaking of... little cousin.

    [She clicks her castanets as she walks away]

  • Carmen García: [Talking about Navarré] Is it really true they wear little blue berets and tell big black lies?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Oh, never. Never.

    Carmen García: And don't know how to love a woman?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Well, that's true. Teach me, I'm from Navarré, and I don't know a thing.

    Carmen García: There's a big black lie.

    [They kiss, and Jose handles her roughly]

    Carmen García: Ay! The Gypsies say that a lover should have gentle hands, a gentle mouth, and a gentle heart.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: And a woman the same?

    Carmen García: No. She should have cruel hands, a cruel mouth, and no heart at all.

    [They kiss]

  • Carmen García: You're a nice boy but I don't love you. I don't love anybody. I never in my life loved anybody. And you're just the sort of big stupid who falls in love in return for a kiss. And then makes a nuisance of himself.

    [She opens a back door]

    Carmen García: You can go out this back way.

    [Don Jose stands there confused]

    Carmen García: Get out. Have you lost your hearing? I said go home!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: But why?

    Carmen García: Because... Because I'm afraid that... that someday you will be very cruel.

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: You didn't take anyone to them? For them to rob?

    Carmen García: No.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Why not?

    Carmen García: Oh. Maybe because... Maybe because I had a feeling you didn't want me to do those things anymore.

    [He smiles]

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: What's the matter with me? Why don't I go away from here? It's driving me crazy knowing you're married to another man. Why don't I go away where I can't see it?

    Carmen García: I wouldn't be married to another man... if you used your head yesterday. Would I?

  • Carmen García: [She is sitting behind José on a horse] We go now to our winter home, Joseíto. We should send out invitations, I think. The Señor and Señora Liz... What did you say our name is?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Lizarabengoa.

    Carmen García: ...will be at home for the winter in the caves of Granada.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Won't it be cold living there in the caves?

    Carmen García: [Holds him tighter, and says in a suggestive voice] No, Joseíto. It won't be cold.

  • Carmen García: I knew you would be a nuisance. I said it! You and your tiresome regrets. And your weeping about something that's already over and done with. Take your payo conscience and make some woman a present of it. I tell you I'm sick of it!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: It'd be well if you borrowed some of my conscience because you have none of your own.

    Carmen García: You wouldn't love me nearly so much if I had a conscience, Joseíto.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [Sarcastically] That's a wonderful excuse. To say, "I'm a Gypsy and I don't know right from wrong."

    Carmen García: [She kisses him] I don't know, Joseíto. Tell me. What is right? What is wrong?

    [She kisses him again]

    Carmen García: Is that wrong, little soldier?

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: Where did you get that dress?

    Carmen García: That's my affair.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [He slaps her] Where'd you get that dress?

    [Slaps her again, and holds her in front of him]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I'll kill you, as heaven is my witness, I'll kill you if you don't tell me!

    Carmen García: Joseíto, my little soldier.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [She kisses him all over his face, as they struggle] Who is he? Who gave it to you?

    Carmen García: [Continues to kiss him] Look, Joseíto. Look how Carmen loves you. Look!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I know you. I know what you are! Who is it now? Who is it now?

    [He starts to choke her]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Who is it now?

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: [Accuses Carmen of having an affair] It's Lucas the matador now, is that it?

    Carmen García: What difference does it make?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Answer me!

    Carmen García: Yes! Yes! Now are you satisfied? And why not? I like to laugh once in a while. And what've I had with you? Nothing but tears and preaching and long faces. I can't live penned up in a cage. I won't! I'm sick of it. Can't you understand? I'm sick of you! Now get away and leave me alone!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [He clutches her] Carmen, don't leave me. Don't leave me, I love you so much.

    [He kisses her repeatedly]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: See how much I love you. You're all I have left in the world, little Carmen. I gave it all up for you. But I don't mind.

    [He gets on his knees, hanging on her]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm not sorry. Only please, please, don't leave me.

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: [Last lines of the movie] You're not going to get away with it, Carmen. Not this time, you're not. I'll kill him, do you hear? I'll kill him!

    Carmen García: What would that settle? You killed two men who loved me. And for what?

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Then I'll kill you, you black-hearted witch! I'll kill you.

    Carmen García: I used to think you would, but I don't anymore. You're not man enough! Now get out of my way!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [He holds onto her arm] For the last time, are you coming back with me?

    Carmen García: Don't hang on. I can't stand to have anyone hang on to me!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [He pulls out his knife] Answer me!

    Carmen García: No, no, no, no, NO!

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: [noticing that Don Jose is looking at his stubbly face in a mirror with disgust] Yes, you've changed.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [with self loathing] We become what we do...

    [with irony]

    Don José Lizarabengoa: Don Jose!

    [he throws away the mirror]

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: [begging for her love on his knees] I lost everything. I gave it all up for you! But I don't mind. I'm not sorry - only please, please don't leave me!

    Carmen García: [with complete contempt] Like a worm - cut him in half and he still crawls!

  • Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm Jose Lizarbengoa. Just arrived in Seville, señorita.

    Carmen García: Señorita? Me

    [She laughs]

    Carmen García: You have just arrived in Seville!

  • Pablo: [They are in the middle of robbing a stagecoach] We have company.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [Carmen comes over and takes a man's watch] What are you doing here? I told you I want you to stay away from this!

    Carmen García: I was bored! I won't sit on my haunches and wait for you like the wife of a payo, stirring a pot of stew. I've been my own woman and a Gypsy too long, my friend.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I told you to leave these matters to me. I want no more of this.

    Carmen García: You told me you wanted no more. I'm not your slave. I'm Carmen and nobody tells me what to do, I do as I please. If you're ashamed of what I am, find another woman. Get yourself a payo wife! You and your payo honor. I spit on your honor!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [She spits at him] Get back to camp.

    Carmen García: I always used to ride with García.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm not García.

    Carmen García: No, you're not. In many ways, you're not.

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