Don Diego Vega Quotes in Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)


Don Diego Vega Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Don Diego Vega: If I give my land to the people, where are we going to live?

    Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Boston!

    Don Diego Vega: Boston?

    Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Yes! It is the only civilized city. They have the best art, the best music...

    Don Diego Vega: You have to be kidding me! I was in Boston for a week, and I never heard a decent Mariachi playing.

  • Don Diego Vega: I must please ask you to change the subject. His Excellency objects to talk of throat-cutting.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: Quiet, you Popinjay! I have no reason to letting you live either.

    Don Diego Vega: What a pleasant coincidence. I feel exactly the same way about you Capitan.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: You wouldn't care to translate that feeling into action would you?

    Don Diego Vega: I might be tempted. If I had a weapon.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: Would you.

  • Don Luis B. Quintero: My dear Esteban is forever thrusting at this and at that. He used to be a fencing instructor in Barcelona.

    Don Diego Vega: How exhausting.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: I didn't find it so.

    Don Diego Vega: Then why did you give it up?

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: I had the misfortune to kill a man of influence.

    Don Luis B. Quintero: A lady was involved, I believe.

    Don Diego Vega: The gentleman's wife, no doubt?

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: Just how did you mean that, Señor?

    Don Diego Vega: I had hoped to be amusing... Have I failed?

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: Somewhat. With me.

  • Captain Esteban Pasquale: His Excellency will never forgive me if I let you go without a word of welcome from him. I'm quite sure that you'll save me a reprimand.

    Don Diego Vega: How could I refuse a man anything with a naked sword in his hand?

  • Don Diego Vega: [Explaining why he's late to dinner] They heated the water from my bath too early. It was positively tepid! By the time more was carried and properly scented... Life can be trying, don't you think?

    Don Luis B. Quintero: Yes.


    Lolita Quintero: [Disappointed in Diego] Oh, Maria!

    Maria de Lopez: Courage, courage!

    Don Luis B. Quintero: Well, shall we dine? Come, Diego.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: [to Inez] His bath was tepid? Poor Lolita! I'm afraid her married life will be the same!

  • Don Diego Vega: [as Esteban repeatedly stabs a piece of fruit with a knife at the dinner table] Captain, you seem to regard that fruit as an enemy.

    Captain Esteban Pasquale: A rival!

  • [last lines]

    Inez Quintero: Oh, Diego, when may we expect you and our dear little Lolita in Madrid?

    Don Diego Vega: Not for some time I'm afraid. We're going to follow the customs of California.

    Inez Quintero: What do you mean?

    Don Diego Vega: Well, we're going to marry and raise fat children and watch our vineyards grow.

  • Don Diego Vega: [speaking to his father] I went directly from the ship to our old home. I met Senor Quintero and his charming wife. I found them very pleasant and agreeable.

    Fray Felipe: Pleasant scorpions! Agreeable rattlesnakes!

  • Fray Felipe: To think that the boy that I helped to raise, the boy that I taught to hold a firm wrist behind a true point, has turned into a puppy! Bah!

    Don Diego Vega: Well,! Tsk, tsk, tsk! How vexatious!

  • Don Luis B. Quintero: [introducing Inez] My wife, senor.

    Don Diego Vega: Your Excellency is a very fortunate man.

    Don Luis B. Quintero: I'm not so sure. She thinks pesos grow on mulberry trees.

  • Don Diego Vega: Fetch me a pot of honey - - and serve wine to everybody.

  • Don Diego Vega: I detest swords and bloodshed - but - to rid our beautiful country of a menace is a noble deed.

  • Sgt. Pedro Gonzales: We seek the vulture, Zorro!

    Don Diego Vega: You're too fat, Gonzales. Poison the mountain tops and set your traps in the clouds - perhaps you'll have better luck.

  • Don Diego Vega: So many unpleasant things happen - - it is most fatiguing.

  • Lolita Pulido: You talk - you fight - you look like Zorro!

    Don Diego Vega: And I love like Zorro...

  • Don Diego Vega: If this be the governor, then angels have turned politicians.

  • Commandante Sebastian Golle: What's she want here?

    Don Diego Vega: For breakfast, a priest to bury her father. For lunch, Zorro's head on a pikestaff.

    Commandante Sebastian Golle: She does, eh? Thinks she can give me orders? I'll get my hands on her and govern her with a lash.

    Don Diego Vega: Bravo. There's no more bracing treat than beating women. Of course, it will cost you your head.

    Commandante Sebastian Golle: Oh, what?

    Don Diego Vega: The queen is her aunt. And the queen hates having her nieces flogged by the soldiery.

  • Don Diego Vega: That horse killed a man.

    Lady Isabella Palma: All the more reason for a woman to master it. Bring the beast to me.

    Don Diego Vega: No, I beg of you, don't break your neck. I have important matters to discuss with you. Your marriage...

    Lady Isabella Palma: Marriage? To you, I presume? If you don't mind, I'll break my neck.

  • Don Diego Vega: Father, the day we've prayed and planned for is at hand. Never again will the peóns be enslaved for taxes.

    The Priest: Our God be praised.

    Don Diego Vega: The commandante's rule is over. We have a most wise, a most lovely, and a most beautifully spoiled governor.

  • [the Commandante lashes his whip at Don Diego]

    Don Diego Vega: Mercy! What have I done?

    Commandante Sebastian Golle: Nothing. That's just to keep my hand in incase I have to lash the life out of some fool who would betray me.

  • Manuel Gonzalez: Gentlemen, this is becoming ridiculous! The next thing you know, someone will be accusing you of being Zorro.

    Don Diego Vega: Why, I believe I'd be flattered!

  • Don Diego Vega: What Diego can't do, Zorro can!

  • Gov. Felipe: I propose that Kala be hanged in the public square tomorrow morning.

    Manuel Gonzalez: Excellent - make an example of him!

    Chief Justice Pablo: I also agree. Show the Yaquis they cannot break our laws and live and we'll have little to fear from that quarter.

    Don Diego Vega: Except bloodshed and death.

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