Dolan Quotes in Firebird 2015 AD (1981)


Dolan Quotes:

  • McVain: Give me the ID, I gotta fill out my report.

    Dolan: Play me for it.

    McVain: We're not kids anymore, Dole.

    Dolan: Come on Jase, take your best shot.

    McVain: Will you just give it to me!

    Dolan: for it!

    McVain: No games! I said, NO GAMES!

    Dolan: Plaaaay...

    [McVain slaps Dolan's right hand, and Dolan reveals the ID and hands it to McVain]

    McVain: Thanks, kid.

    Dolan: That's okay, but I get to keep the horse!

    [holds up the hood ornament he took from the car]

    McVain: Whoopee.

    [Dolan leaves]

    Shana: Why do you give in to him, Jase? He's insane.

    McVain: Because he's insane.

    [laughs hysterically]

  • Dolan: [after listening to Roman's quotes from Darwin] Ladies and Gentlemen, Charles fucking Darwin.

  • Dolan: In his experimental law of impacts, Sir Isaac Newton describes something called the arc of descent. It's all about kinetics, mass, velocity, the inertia of falling persons and things. Once a descending object acquires a certain momentum, it continues on a downward parabolic curve to eventually impact with an immovable object at the nadir, the bottom, thereby consummating the arc of descent.

  • Dolan: They say the day you die is just like any other day, only shorter. The meaning of life is that it stops. That's what makes it so precious right? So if I kill you in a weird way, I'm giving you that gift.

  • Dolan: That brave vibration each way free, as the poet said.

  • Chief: It's a brave new world with naught but ruthless creatures in it. There's no glory in fearing the unknown and you didn't get to be where you are by being risk-adverse, Mr Dolan. Evolve or perish, kill or be killed, it's the morality of kings and Gods. It's the survival of the fittest.

    Dolan: Charles-Fucking-Darwin.

  • Dolan: The way I look at it, a man starts choking a woman is looking to go to hell in a hurry. All I did was oblige him.

  • Alex Flood: There's still time to buy you a last drink.

    Dolan: Only minutes ahead of a rope makes swallowing too tough.

  • Molly Lang: Hired killers.

    Dolan: The badge gives them a license.

  • Alex Flood: Why don't you just leave town the way you came in - tomorrow... about nine or ten o'clock.

    Dolan: Whatever is best.

    Alex Flood: Nine o'clock - it's earlier.

  • Dolan: Ma'am, do you know what you do when you walk into a bad bar and the hairs on the back of your neck stick up? You get your drink, you pay for it, you turn around, and you walk out.

    Molly Lang: And this is a "bad bar"?

    Dolan: Yes, ma'am, Jericho is a "bad bar".

  • Molly Lang: Mr. Dolan, if you can't handle whiskey, you shouldn't drink.

    Dolan: [With quizzical look on his face] Who put who to bed last night?... Hmm?

  • Dolan: Forty nine percent of something is better than a hundred percent of nothing.

  • Alfie: I never did trust 'em. Once a Jerry, always a Jerry.

    Dolan: Once a thief, always a thief, That right Alfie?

  • Dolan: You know the orders. No fraternizing.

    Alfie: Who's fraternizing? I only asked if he's got bullets in that chopper. I don't want him to take his play-acting too much to heart.

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