Doc Hopper Quotes in The Muppet Movie (1979)


Doc Hopper Quotes:

  • Doc Hopper: Hey - frog! That's the second time! Max, I've done my best with that frog, now's the time to do my worst. Open the door.

    Max: No, YOU open the door!

    Doc Hopper: What?

    Max: I'm through, Doc. The frog is right. You're asking him to do something terrible. I can't be a part of it. It's a moral decision and I'll stand by it.

    Doc Hopper: I'll double your percentage.

    Max: I'll open the door.

  • Max Krassman: It is important to remember that you have to hold on to your hat.

    Doc Hopper: What for?

    Max Krassman: When a German scientist tells you to hold on to your hat, it's not casual conversation. HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT! HAT! HOLD!

    [Doc Hopper grabs his hat brim]

    Max Krassman: Good.

  • Doc Hopper: [pointing to a billboard showing a bucket of "Doc Hopper's French Fried Frog Legs"] Isn't that splendid? Just splendid! Just take a look at it.

    Kermit: All I can see are millions of frogs with tiny crutches.

  • Doc Hopper: I'll be back later to pick up what's left of the frog.

    Max Krassman: What's left of the frog? You can have everything - excuse the brain!

  • Doc Hopper: Listen, we're a small business but we've expanded. Expanded! Just like you frogs expand. Don't you frogs expand?

    [puffs his cheeks]

    Kermit: That's a myth.

    Doc Hopper: What?

    Kermit: Myth! Myth!

    Myth: Yeth?

    Kermit: Huh?

    [same with Fozzie]

    Kermit: [to Fozzie]

    Kermit: C'mon, bear, burn rubber!

  • [after Fozzie speeds off from the TV shop]

    Doc Hopper: Max! Follow that frog!

    [Max drives off leaving Doc Hopper behind]

    Doc Hopper: [screaming] Max!

    [Max stops and reverses the car]

    Doc Hopper: Follow that frog with *me* in the car!

  • Doc Hopper: Hey, maybe this frog does everything. He talks, he sings, he dances, he tells jokes, he even rides a bicycle. Max, find me a frog and a bear in a tan Studebaker.

    Max: [Fozzie and Kermit appear in Fozzie's Studebaker, now rainbow-colored] Gee, Doc, all I can see is a frog and a bear in a rainbow-colored Studebaker.

  • Doc Hopper: No frog's gonna make a monkey out of me!

  • Kermit: If what I'm saying doesn't make any sense, well then... go ahead and kill me.

    Doc Hopper: [takes off his hat and fluffs his hair; reluctantly] All right boys. Kill him.

  • Doc Hopper: This is Snake Walker. Tell 'em what you do, Snake.

    Frog Killer: [removes his sunglasses] Kill frogs.

  • Doc Hopper: [about Krassman's machine] What does it do?

    Max Krassman: What does it do? What does it do? It turns the brains into guacamole!

  • Fozzie: [after Kermit has turned down Doc Hopper's offer] Five hundred dollars? Would you consider a bear in a frog suit?

    Kermit: Fozzie!

    Fozzie: I'm sorry, sir, I just lost my head.

    Doc Hopper: [as Kermit and Fozzie drive off] Just a minute, Mr. Frog. Everything's negotiable!

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