Disgust Quotes in Inside Out (2015)


Disgust Quotes:

  • Fear: Maybe it was a bear?

    Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco.

    Anger: I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.

  • Dad: [Trying to feed Riley broccoli] Here we go. All right, open.

    Joy: Hmm... this looks new.

    Fear: Think it's safe?

    Sadness: What is it?

    Disgust: Okay, caution, there is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on, what is that? That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur, hold on guys... it's... broccoli!

    [presses buttons]

    Riley: Yukee!

    [flips bowl of broccoli on Dad]

    Disgust: Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome.

    Dad: Riley, if you don't eat your dinner you're not gonna get any dessert.

    Anger: Wait, did he just say we couldn't have dessert?

    [paces angrily]

    Anger: So that's how you wanna play it, old man? No dessert? Oh sure, we'll eat our dinner, right after you eat THIS!

    [presses buttons]

    Riley: [starts crying and screaming]

    Dad: Riley, Riley, here comes an airplane.

    Anger: Oh, airplane. We got an airplane, everybody.

    JoyFearSadnessDisgust: Ooooh!

    [Riley eats broccoli]

  • [as Riley is about to become permanently depressed, Joy and Sadness arrive back at Headquarters by flinging themselves into the window. They manage to hold on for dear life]

    Disgust: It's Joy!

    [Anger runs off to grab a chair]

    Anger: Stand back!

    [Anger violently throws the chair at the window, to no avail]

    Disgust: That worked.

    [Anger begins to get irritated and his head begins to smoulder]

    Anger: Well, what would you do if you're so smart?

    [Disgust smiles, realizing the opportunity]

    Disgust: I'd tell you, but you're too dumb to understand.

    Anger: WHAT?

    Disgust: Of course your tiny brain is confused. Guess I'LL just have to dumb it down to your level!

    [as Anger's head begins to smoulder even more, he looks at Disgust in complete rage]

    Disgust: Sorry I don't speak moron as well as you, but lemme try! Duuuuuhhhhhh!

    [Anger begins to scream in rage as flames erupt from the top of his head]


    [Disgust flips on a visor helmet and holds Anger against the window. The flames shooting out of the top of his head break the window. Fear and Disgust help Joy and Sadness inside]

  • Disgust: What's "poo-ber-tee"?

  • [from trailer]

    Joy: I'm Joy, this is Sadness, that's Anger, this is Disgust.

    Disgust: Ugh...

    Joy: And that's Fear.

    Fear: Ahhh! Look out!

  • [Anger has just gotten an idea to make Riley happy again]

    Anger: Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE!

    [He goes over to the shelf and browses for a second before grabbing an idea bulb]

    Anger: AH-HA! Ho ho ho!

    Fear: What is it?

    Anger: Oh nothing. Just the best idea ever!

    Disgust: What?

    Anger: All the good core memories were made in Minnesota. Ergo, we go back to Minnesota and make more. TA DA!

    Fear: Wait wait wait, you're saying we... run away?

    Anger: Well, I wouldn't call it that, I'd call it the "Happy Core Memory Development Program"!

    Fear: You can't be serious!

    Anger: Hey! Our life was perfect until Mom and Dad decided to move to... San Fran-Stinktown!

    Fear: But... But I mean, it's just so drastic...

    Anger: Need I remind you of how great things were there?

    [Anger walks over to the console and begins typing to call up a memory]

    Anger: Our room... Our backyard... Our friends!

    [a memory comes up. It is the TripleDent Gum commercial. Its annoying jingle begins to play]


    [Anger slams down on the console, ending the memory's playback abruptly]

    Anger: Anyway, it was better, that's my point.

  • [Joy begins the new day by waking up all the emotions with an accordion]

    Joy: Hello! Did I wake you?

    Anger: Did you have to play that?

    Joy: Well, I have to practice. And I don't think of it as playing so much as hugging.

    [Joy lovingly hugs the accordion before tossing it away. She rushes down the stairs in excitement]

    Joy: Okay, first day of school! Very, very exciting! I was up late last night figuring out a new plan. Here it is.

    [Fear walks by writing on a notepad]

    Joy: Fear! I need a list of all the possible negative outcomes on the first day at a new school.

    Fear: Way ahead of you there. Does anyone know how to spell "meteor?"

    [Disgust walks by putting on makeup]

    Joy: Disgust! Make sure Riley stands out today... but also blends in.

    Disgust: When I'm through, Riley will look so good the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf.

    Joy: Joy!

    [Joy steps aside and begins to talk to "herself"]

    Joy: Yes, Joy?

    Joy: You'll be in charge of the console, keeping Riley happy all day long. And may I add I love your dress, it's adorable.

    [Joy begins to happily twirl around]

    Joy: Oh, This ol' thing? Thank you so much, I love the way it twirls...

  • Anger: This is ridiculous! We can't even get a good night's sleep anymore.

    [Anger grabs an idea bulb from the shelf]

    Anger: Time to take action! Stupid Mom and Dad hadn't've moved us, none of this would have happened. Who's with me?

    [Anger gestures the idea to Fear]

    Fear: Um... mmmmmmmmm... Nnnnnnnn... no.

    [Anger gestures the idea to Disgust]

    Disgust: ...Yeah, okay. Let's do it.

    [Anger puts the idea bulb into the console. Outside, Riley gets the idea and opens up her laptop]

    Anger: She took it. There is no turning back.

    Disgust: So... how are we going to get to Minnesota from here?

    Anger: Well, why don't we go down to the elephant lot and rent an elephant?

    Fear: Hey! That sounds nice!


    [Riley is looking up bus information on the San Francisco Greyhound Bus website]

    Anger: There is a bus leaving tomorrow. Perfect!

    Disgust: A ticket costs money. How do we get money?

    Anger: Mom's purse.

    [Disgust gasps in horror]

    Disgust: You wouldn't!

    Anger: Oh, but I would. Where was it we saw it last?

    [Anger recalls a memory of where the purse was. However, the memory of the Triple Dent Gum commercial comes up and its annoying song begins to play. Anger immediately becomes annoyed and slams on the console, startling Fear]

    Anger: NO!

  • Disgust: Okay, we've got a group of cool girls at 2 o'clock.

    Joy: How do you know?

    Disgust: Double ears pierced, infinity scarf.

    Joy: Whoa, is she wearing eye shadow?

    Disgust: Yeah, we wanna be friends with them.

    Joy: Let's go talk to them.

    Disgust: Are you kidding? We're not talking to them. We want them to like us!

    Joy: Oh, yeah. Wait, what?

  • [Riley's Mind World has expanded]

    Fear: Hey, I'm liking this new view.

    Anger: Friendship Island has expanded. Glad they finally opened that Friendly Argument section.

    Sadness: I like Tragic Vampire Romance Island.

    Disgust: Fashion Island? Oh, everyone shut up.

    Fear: Boy Band Island? Hope that's just a phase.

    Joy: Say what you want, I think it's all beautiful.

    Fritz: All right. Here you go. Your new expanded console is up and runnin'.

    Disgust: Cool! Upgrade!

    Fear: Hey!

    [Fear touches a button for censoring]

    Fear: Whoops, wait. Did I just do that?

    Disgust: Hey, guys? What's pub-er-ty?

    Joy: I don't know. It's probably not important.

    Anger: Whoa, I have access to the entire curse word library! This new console is the - -!

    [Fear censors the curse word Anger said]

    Fear: Sorry. I did it again. My bad.

  • Disgust: [Seeing Riley about to eat a grape she dropped] Whoa, no way! We are not eating that.

    Joy: Disgust, it's fine. It passed the five-second rule.

    Disgust: The grape touched the ground. It's poison.

    Joy: Oh, come on. It barely touched the ground.

    Disgust: Wait, what? You know what else 'barely' touches the ground? Stray dogs!

    Joy: [wrestling the control lever back and forth with Disgust, causing Riley to stop and start putting the grape in her mouth] Hold on!

    Disgust: Toenail clippings! Roadkill! Hippies!

    Joy: No!

    Disgust: Dung beetles!

    Joy: Stop it!

    Fear: Uh, shouldn't we do something?

    Anger: Haha, no.

    Joy: It's a *grape*! It's not like we're eating broccoli.

    Disgust: Ugh, don't even go there.

    Joy: Or boogers.

    Disgust: You're evil!

    [she gags and runs off]

    Joy: Or dog food.

    Disgust: [distantly] Shut your mouth!

    [Joy pulls the lever causing Riley to pop the grape in her mouth]

  • [as Riley lies in her sleeping bag, a truck loudly drive by outside. The headlights can be seen shining through the room. Riley hides under the sleeping bag in fear]

    Fear: What was that? Was it a bear? It's a bear!

    Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco!

    Anger: I saw a really hairy guy. He looked like a bear.

    Fear: Oh, I'm so jumpy, my nerves are shot!

    Disgust: Ew, I don't want to hear about your nerves!

    Anger: I'll tell you what it is. This move has been a bust.

    Fear: That's what I've been telling you guys! There are at least 37 things for Riley to be scared of right now!

    Disgust: The smell alone is enough to make her gag.

    Anger: I can't believe Mom and Dad moved us here!

    Joy: Look, I get it. You guys have concerns. But we've been through worse! Tell you what: let's make a list of all the things Riley should be HAPPY about!

    Anger: Fine. Let's see... this house stinks, our room stinks...

    Disgust: Pizza is weird here...

    Sadness: Our friends are back home...

    Fear: And all of our stuff is in the missing van!

    Joy: Oh c'mon, it could be worse...

    Disgust: Yeah, Joy. We could be lying on the dirty floor. In a bag.

    Joy: Okay, I admit it, we had a rough start. But think of all the good things that...

    Anger: No, Joy. There's absolutely no reason for Riley to be happy right now. Let us handle this.

    Fear: I say we skip school tomorrow and lock ourselves in the bedroom.

    Disgust: We have no clean clothes. I mean, no one should see us.

    Sadness: Yeah, we could cry until we can't breathe.

    Anger: We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know. It's a good one!

  • Mom: The drive out was pretty fun. What was your favourite bit?

    Anger: Spitting out the car window!

    Disgust: Definitely not when Dad was singing

    Fear: Wearing a seat belt!

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