DiNardo Quotes in The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989)


DiNardo Quotes:

  • [DiNardo is beating and torturing a wounded Viet Cong prisoner]

    Captain Flanagan: What the hell are you doing? Leave him alone!

    DiNardo: Look lady, this is called "extracting infromation". Do you understand that?

    Captain Flanagan: So we torture prisoners now, do we?

    DiNardo: You're goddamn right! This ain't Nebraska, lady.

    Captain Flanagan: Well you don't do it in my hospital!

    DiNardo: Oh no?

    [continues hitting the wounded prisoner]

    DiNardo: Chot lai! Talk to me!

    Captain Flanagan: What kind of animal are you?

    DiNardo: Animal? Lady, do you have any idea what Charlie would do if he came in here? He would rape you and your nurses until you're all dead! But you know what? They'd have to kill me first. Animal? I'm no animal.

  • [Jones watches DiNardo's men shoot wounded Viet Cong]

    Jones: Jesus Christ, they're killing wounded!

    DiNardo: Don't tell me you feel sorry for them sergeant.

    Jones: There're soldiers just like us, wounded!

    [a wounded Viet Cong is shot trying to crawl away]

    DiNardo: Yes!

    Jones: You having a good time? You're fucking crazy you know that? You're really digging this shit! What were you back home? A rapist?

    DiNardo: Oh, no. I was just another dumb ass like you.

  • DiNardo: Can you stand any more gossip?

    Hafner: What have you got?

    DiNardo: They're digging.

    Hafner: Where?

    DiNardo: At the edge of the treeline and they're headed right this way. My little Cong friend tells me that two big guns are arriving in their camp the first thing in the morning.

    Hafner: Where's your little Cong friend now?

    DiNardo: He probally shaking hands with Buddha right now.

  • Hafner: DiNardo, do you think you can get into their camp, make a lot of trouble and ruckus?

    DiNardo: Sergeant Major, it's Friday night and you're in Bangkok. You've got a fistfull of dollars. You think you can get laid?

  • DiNardo: What's going on here Murphy?

    [Murphy points to two teenage Vietnamese girls standing and waving to them at the edge of the barbed wire perimeter]

    Pvt. Murphy: There's two girls out there who want to come up here. What do you think?

    DiNardo: Bullshit! I smell sappers. Cut 'em down.

    [Murphy does not respond]

    DiNardo: God dammit Murphy, I said take your weapon and...

    Pvt. Murphy: Fuck you man! I'm not shooting unarmed women who...

    [DiNardo suddenly grabs Murphy's M-16 rifle from his hands and shoots at the two girls, both hitting them in the chest... and their bodies explode!]

    DiNardo: [grabs Murphy by the collar] Now listen up! This is Vietnam, you understand? Even the women have got balls! Instead of them communist armies putting books in their hands and sending them to school, they wrap 'em up in dynamite and they send them off to kill G.I.'s. You got that? That's the enemy, Murphy. That's the enemy! Get it together!

    [DiNardo walks off and approaches Hafner standing nearby who has observed the whole thing]

    DiNardo: What do you think that was all about, Sergeant Major?

    Hafner: I think Charlie just reminded us that he has nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

  • DiNardo: [Upon seeing pile of massacred children at An Lap village] This is insanity.

    Hafner: This is effective. Charley's got this valley by the balls. Won't nobody step outta' line around here.

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