Dimitri Quotes in Transporter 2 (2005)


Dimitri Quotes:

  • Dimitri: [grabs Tipov's gun and points it at Sonovitch] Open fridge.

    Dr. Sonovitch: I'm telling you...

    Dimitri: [pistol-whips him] Open fridge!

    Dr. Sonovitch: Ow!

    Dimitri: [in Russian] Sorry.

    [then in English]

    Dimitri: Open fridge... open the fridge!

    [Sonovitch does, revealing two vials of the antidote]

    Dimitri: Yes! Insurance policy. How many do you have?

    Dr. Sonovitch: Two doses. Enough for Tipov and myself.

    [Dimitri shoots Tipov]

    Dimitri: Tipov's policy cancelled. There is one for me.

  • Anastasia: Do you really think I'm royalty?

    Dimitri: You know I do!

    Anastasia: Then stop bossing me around!

  • Dowager Empress Marie: You were the boy, weren't you - the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine and you restored her to me. Yet you want no reward.

    Dimitri: Not anymore.

    Dowager Empress Marie: Why the change of mind?

    Dimitri: It was more a change of heart. I must go.

  • Dimitri: I was the boy in the palace - the one who opened the wall. She's the real thing, Vlad.

    Vladimir: Then that means that our Anya has found her family. We have found the heir to the Russian throne. And you...

    Dimitri: Will walk out of her life forever.

    Vladimir: But...

    Dimitri: Princesses don't marry kitchen boys.

  • [Anya and Dimitri have been arguing on the train - Vlad enters the compartment]

    Anastasia: Oh, thank goodness it's you!

    [points to Dimitri]

    Anastasia: Will you please remove him from my sight?

    Vladimir: [to Dimitri] What have you done to her?

    Dimitri: Me? It's *her*!

    Anastasia: HA!


    Vladimir: Oh! An unspoken attraction!

    Dimitri: *Attraction*? To that skinny little brat? Have you lost your mind?

    Vladimir: I was only asking a simple question...

    Dimitri: Attraction... ridiculous!

  • Anastasia: What? Hey - why are you circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?

    Dimitri: I'm sorry Enya.

    Anastasia: It's Anya.

    Dimitri: Anya.

    Anastasia: [enunciating] An-ya.

    Dimitri: It's just that - you look an awful lot like... never mind.

  • Anastasia: [seeing something crash behind a speeding train after she just pulled Dimitri back inside] And to think that could have been you.

    Dimitri: If we live through this, remind me to thank you.

  • Vladimir: She certainly has a mind of her own.

    Dimitri: Yeah. I hate that in a woman.

  • Dimitri: [singing] Paris holds the key to her past. / Yes, Princess, I've found / you at last. / No more pretend, / You'll be gone, / That's the end...

  • Dimitri: [after Anastasia hands him a dynamite and it's about to explode] What do they teach you in those orphanages?

  • [Dimitri and Anya are waltzing]

    Dimitri: That, uh, that dress looks really good on you.

    Anastasia: Do you think so?

    Dimitri: Yeah. I mean, it looked nice on the hanger but it's even better on you. Y-you, you should wear it!

    Anastasia: I *am* wearing it!

    Dimitri: Oh, oh yes, I was just, um, trying to give you a... a...

    Anastasia: Complement?

    Dimitri: Yeah.

    Vladimir: [singing] It's one, two, three/ And suddenly/ I see it at a glance/ She's radiant/ And confidant/ And born to take this chance/ I taught her well/ I planned it all/ I just forgot/ Romance/ Vlad, how could you do this?/ How will we get through this?/ I never should have let them/ Dance!

    Anastasia: I feel a little... dizzy.

    Dimitri: Kind of... light-headed?

    Anastasia: Yeah...

    Dimitri: Me too. Probably from all the spinning.

    [they stop dancing]

    Dimitri: Maybe we should stop.

    Anastasia: [quietly] We *have* stopped.

    Dimitri: Anya, I...

    Anastasia: Yes?

    [they lean in... ]

  • Anastasia: [after Dimitri is kicked out of the Dowager Empress Marie's private balcony at the Russian ballet] It was all a lie, wasn't it?

    Dimitri: No, no...

    Anastasia: You used me? I was just part of your con to get her money?

    Dimitri: No, no, no, no - look, it may have started out that way, but everything's different now, because you really are Anastasia. You are!

    Anastasia: Stop it! From the very beginning, you lied! And I not only believed you, I actually...


    Dimitri: Anya, listen, when you spoke about the hidden door in the wall, and about the little boy, listen to me, that was...

    Anastasia: NO! I don't want to hear about anything that I said or remembered, you just leave me alone!

    [slaps Dimitri, then storms away]

    Dimitri: [hollers after her] Anya, please, you have to know the truth!

  • Dowager Empress Marie: [as Dimitri recklessly drives the Dowager Empress Marie's car] Ilya, slow down.

    Dimitri: I'm *not* Ilya, and I *won't* slow down, NOT until you listen.

    Dowager Empress Marie: You... how dare you! Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!

  • Rasputin: Say your prayers, Anastasia! No one can save you!

    Dimitri: Wanna bet?

  • Dimitri: Look I think we got off on the wrong foot.

    Anastasia: Well, I think we did, too. But I appreciate your apology.

    Dimitri: Who said anything about an apology? I was just saying that...

    Anastasia: Please don't talk anymore, it's only going to upset me.

    Dimitri: Fine, I'll be quiet if you be quiet.

    Anastasia: Alright, I'll be quiet.

    Dimitri: Fine.

    Anastasia: Fine.

    Dimitri: Fine.

    Anastasia: Fine... So you think you're gonna miss it?

    Dimitri: Miss what? Your talking?

    Anastasia: No! Russia.

    Dimitri: Nope.

    Anastasia: But it was your home.

    Dimitri: It was a place I once lived. End of story.

    Anastasia: Then you must plan on making Paris your true home.

    Dimitri: What is it with you and homes?

    Anastasia: Well for one thing it's something every normal person wants. And for another thing... it's thing where ya just...

    Dimitri: What?

    Anastasia: Forget it!

    [grunts in frustration]

  • Dimitri: What are you looking for?

    Anastasia: The Russian Circus. I think it's still in here.

  • Dimitri: I don't want your money.

    Dowager Empress Marie: What do you want then?

    Dimitri: Unfortunately, nothing you can give.

  • [the overheated train engine and the baggage car have been separated from the rest of the train]

    Dimitri: What was that?

    Vladimir: I don't know, but there goes the dining car.

  • [Dimitri is going to announce Anya to the Dowager; Anya stops him]

    Anastasia: Dimitri?

    Dimitri: Yes?

    Anastasia: [a bit nervous] Look, we've been through a lot together...

    Dimitri: [getting excited] Uh-huh?

    Anastasia: [very nervously] And... I just wanted to...

    Dimitri: [very excitedly] Yes?

    Anastasia: Well...

    [looses her nerve]

    Anastasia: thank you, I guess. Yes. Thank you for everything.

    [both turn away from each other. Dimitri turns back]

    Dimitri: Anya, I...

    Anastasia: [quickly turns to face him, excited] Yes?

    Dimitri: [nervous] I... I'm, um...

    Anastasia: [very excited] Ye-es?

    Dimitri: [also loses his nerve] I want to wish you good luck, I guess.

    Anastasia: [disappointed] Oh.

  • Anastasia: Oh no, not me... nope! No... nobody ever told me I had to *prove* I was the grand duchess!

    Dimitri: Look, I...

    Anastasia: Show up, yes. Look nice, fine. But lie?

    Dimitri: You don't know if it's a lie. What if it's true?

  • Dimitri: [after making a deal with Anya] May I present... Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Anastasia.

    Anastasia: Pooka, we are going to Paris!

    Dimitri: Uh, the dog stays.

    Anastasia: I'm talking about the dog goes.

    Dimitri: No, the dog is not going.

    Anastasia: I say he's going.

    Dimitri: I'm allergic to dogs.

    Bartok: [after hearing Dimitri and Anya argue] Anastasia? Yeah, just one problem there, fella. Anastasia's dead. All the Romanovs are dead. They're dead. Dead, dead, dead. Am I right, my friend?

    [to the "relic"]

    Bartok: I mean, how could that be Ana... WAAGHH!

    [clinging to the "relic"]

    Bartok: YEEUUGHH!

    Bartok: [hanging upside down] Oh, come on! Am I supposed to believe that thing woke up after all these years, just because some guy claims she's a Romanov?

    Bartok: OK, OK, I get the message! Enough already with the glowing and the smoke people!

    Bartok: [moves away] If that thing's come back to life, that must mean... Anastasia's ALIVE!

    Dimitri: Just leave the dog.

    Anastasia: I am not leaving the dog!

    Bartok: And that's her!

  • Anastasia Impostor: Grandma, it's me, Anastasia.

    [sways hips]

    Dimitri: Oh, brother.

  • Dimitri: [after nearly dying from a train wreck] I hate trains! Remind me *never* get on the train again.

  • Dimitri: [after the Russian ballet] Please inform Her Majesty, the Dowager Empress, that I have found her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia. She's waiting to see her just outside the door.

    Sophie: I'm very sorry, young man, but the Dowager Empress, she will see no one.

    Dowager Empress Marie: You may tell that impertinent young man that I have seen enough Grand Duchess Anastasias to last me a lifetime.

    Sophie: You'd better go.

    Dimitri: Please, let me just...

    Dowager Empress Marie: [interrupting] Now if you'll excuse me, I wish to live out the remainder of my lonely life in peace.

  • [Dimitri is quizzing Anya]

    Dimitri: Now, where was Uncle Boris from?

    Anastasia: Moscow?

  • Vladimir: [after tempting Anya to be Anastasia] I'm telling you we're walking away too soon!

    Dimitri: I'm telling you I've got it all under control... ok walk a little slower...

  • Dowager Empress Marie: You'll stop at nothing, will you?

    Dimitri: I'm probably about as stubborn as you are.

  • Dimitri: I am Dimitri Stupakis, exchange Bandit from Greece.

  • Gavin: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Dimitri: Oh, so that's what they told your mother when you were born.

  • Dimitri: [Enters wearing cape] Fear not fair princess, I am here to rescue you from those who have to actually work for a living. Consider me your blue eyed knight in shining...

    Gavin: Velvet

  • Dimitri: Let me live! I can't stand the pain! The pain!

    Jessica Barrett: Pain? What do you know of pain? What do you know of the pain of sweet endless hatred, the loneliness of living always in another's body, the knowledge that you will never be yourself? Nobody knows THE EXQUISITE SUFFERING OF THE DAMNED, but you will, Dimitri, because you will die in my image!

    Dimitri: You lied, lied, you lied, you lied!

    Jessica Barrett: ...and I give you eternal damnation.

    Dimitri: Oh, lied, lied, lied, lied!...

    Jessica Barrett: I have used you, like everyone else, for my amusement, EVEN THIS INFANT!

  • Dimitri: You see, when you play with them, you get hurt, but the game isn't nearly over now. When evil spirits have had their pleasure, when they have caused us enough pain, they will leave. Evil cannot create; it can only repeat, but repetition which continues for an eternity. Days and months can pass in an instant, an instant. That is why Jessica's pregnancy has gone full term so quickly. The evil has... penetrated. It is within her womb. Now's the time; the time has come for me to intervene. the child MUST BE BORN! It must be... brought out into the light. The Evil One must be prevented from carrying it away into the realms of darkness. tomorrow... I must act... alone.

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