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tooth +? -like


toothlike (comparative more toothlike, superlative most toothlike)

  1. Resembling a tooth or some aspect of one.

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From Middle English tothe, toth, tooth, from Old English t?þ (tooth), from Proto-West Germanic *tanþ, from Proto-Germanic *tanþs (tooth), from Proto-Indo-European *h?dónts (tooth). Related to tusk. Doublet of dent and dens.


  • enPR: to?oth, IPA(key): /tu??/
  • Rhymes: -u??
  • Homophone: twoth
  • (Wales, Midlands, usually) IPA(key): /t??/


tooth (plural teeth)

  1. A hard, calcareous structure present in the mouth of many vertebrate animals, generally used for eating.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:tooth
    Hyponyms: bicuspid, canine, cuspid, incisor, premolar, molar; see also Thesaurus:tooth
  2. A sharp projection on the blade of a saw or similar implement.
  3. A projection on the edge of a gear that meshes with similar projections on adjacent gears, or on the circumference of a cog that engages with a chain.
  4. (zoology) A projection or point in other parts of the body resembling the tooth of a vertebrate animal.
  5. (botany) A pointed projection from the margin of a leaf.
  6. (animation) The rough surface of some kinds of cel or other films that allows better adhesion of artwork.
  7. (figuratively) Liking, fondness (compare toothsome).
    Synonyms: fondness, appetite, taste, palate
    • 1693, John Dryden, “The Third Satire of Aulus Persius Flaccus”, in The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis:
      These are not dishes for thy dainty tooth
  8. (algebraic geometry) An irreducible component of a comb that intersects the handle in exactly one point, that point being distinct from the unique point of intersection for any other tooth of the comb.

Derived terms


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tooth (third-person singular simple present tooths, present participle toothing, simple past and past participle toothed)

  1. To provide or furnish with teeth.
    • 1815, William Wordsworth, “The Brothers”:
      His Wife sate near him, teasing matted wool, / While, from the twin cards toothed with glittering wire / He fed the spindle []
  2. To indent; to jag.
    to tooth a saw
  3. To lock into each other, like gear wheels.


  • Hotot

Middle English



  1. Alternative form of tothe

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