different between sabadilla vs veratridine



Alternative forms

  • cebadilla, cevadilla (archaic)


From Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada (barley).


  • IPA(key): /?sæb??d?l?/, /?sæb??di?j?/
  • Rhymes: -?l?


sabadilla (plural sabadillas)

  1. A Mexican and Central American plant of the lily family (Schoenocaulon officinale).
  2. The seeds of this plant, used in medicine and insecticides.

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veratridine (uncountable)

  1. (organic chemistry) Any of a family of neurotoxic steroid-derived alkaloids, occurring in herbs of the genus Veratrum and seeds of the sabadilla plant.
    • 1990, Dietrich Mebs, Ferdinand Mucho, 7: Toxins Acting on Ion Channels and Synapses, W. T. Shier (editor), Handbook of Toxinology, page 513,
      Like batrachotoxin and veratridine, grayanotoxins act at the voltage-dependent sodium channel in its open conformation, inhibiting its inactivation.
    • 2013, Thomas D. White, The Demonstration and Measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate Release from Nerves, David Paton (editor), Methods in Pharmacology, Volume 6: Methods Used in Adenosine Research, page 47,
      The veratrum alkaloid, veratridine, depolarizes excitable tissues by activating the Na+ channels present in the cell membranes. Therefore, one would expect veratridine to produce a depolarization of nerve that is quite similar to physiological depolarization insofar as it is mediated by changes in Na+ conductances.
    • 2013, Domingo M. Aviado, The Lung Circulation, Volume 1: Physiology and Pharmacology, page 39,
      The results from veratridine will be described first because they illustrate the ultimate way of obtaining proof that the carotid sinus baroreceptors can respond to foreign chemical agents.

Related terms

  • veratrine
  • veratrum


  • intervaried

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