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From Middle English leyser, from Anglo-Norman leisir, variant of Old French loisir (to enjoy oneself) (Modern French loisir survives as a noun), substantive use of a verb, from Latin lic?re (be permitted). Displaced native Middle English lethe (leisure) (from Old English liþian (to unloose, release), compare Old English l?þung (permission)), Middle English tom, toom (leisure) (from Old Norse t?m (leisure, ease), compare Old English t?m (free from)).


  • (UK, General Australian, General South African)
    • IPA(key): /?l???(?)/, /?li???(?)/ (extremely old fashioned)
    • Rhymes: -???(?)
  • (US, Canada)
    • IPA(key): /?li????/
    • Rhymes: -i???(?)
    • (rarely) IPA(key): /?l????/


leisure (countable and uncountable, plural leisures)

  1. Freedom provided by the cessation of activities.
  2. Free time, time free from work or duties.
    • 1672, William Temple, An Essay Upon the Original and Nature of Government
      The desire of leisure is much more natural than of business and care.
    • 1811, Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, chapter 11
      Little had Mrs. Dashwood or her daughters imagined when they first came into Devonshire, that so many engagements would arise to occupy their time as shortly presented themselves, or that they should have such frequent invitations and such constant visitors as to leave them little leisure for serious employment.
    • 1908, William David Ross (translator), Aristotle, Metaphysics
      This is why the mathematical arts were founded in Egypt; for there the priestly caste was allowed to be at leisure.
  3. Time at one's command, free from engagement; convenient opportunity; hence, convenience; ease.

Related terms

  • at leisure
  • leisurely


See also

  • ease
  • recreation

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  • (UK) IPA(key): /?l???li/
  • (US) IPA(key): /?li??li/

Etymology 1

From leisure +? -ly.


leisurely (comparative more leisurely, superlative most leisurely)

  1. Characterized by leisure; taking plenty of time; unhurried
    He goes about his business in a leisurely manner
    As we had a free morning, we went on a leisurely walk around the city.
    • 1900, Charles W. Chesnutt, The House Behind the Cedars, Chapter I,
      Warwick passed through one of the wide brick arches and traversed the building with a leisurely step.
Derived terms
  • leisureliness

Etymology 2

From leisurelily, by haplology


leisurely (comparative more leisurely, superlative most leisurely)

  1. In a leisurely manner.
    • 1943, Raymond Chandler, The High Window, Penguin 2005, p. 37:
      Sunset Crescent Drive curved leisurely north from Sunset Boulevard, well beyond the Bel-Air Country Club golf-course.


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