Dietrich Quotes in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


Dietrich Quotes:

  • Katanga: Jones is dead. I killed him. He was of no use to us. This girl, however, has certain value where we're headed. She'll bring a very fine price. Herr Colonel - that cargo you've taken - if it's your goal, go in peace with it, but leave us the girl. It will reduce our loss on this trip.

    Dietrich: Savage! You are not in a position to ask for anything. We will take what we wish, and then decide whether or not to blow your ship from the water.

  • [Belloq and the Nazis are walking and arguing]

    Belloq: I told you not to be premature in your communique to Berlin. Archeology is not an exact science. It does not deal in time schedules!

    Dietrich: The Fuhrer is not a patient man. He demands constant reports. You led me to believe...

    Belloq: [interrupting him] Nothing! I made no promises! I merely said it looked very favorable. Besides, with the information in our possession, my calculations were correct.

  • [Belloq and the Nazis are walking and talking some more]

    Belloq: Who knows. Perhaps the Ark is still waiting in some antechamber for us to discover. Perhaps there's some vital bit of evidence which eludes us. Perhaps...

    Gobler: [interrupting him] Perhaps the girl can help us.

    Dietrich: My feeling exactly. She was in possession of the original piece for years. She may know much if... properly motivated.

    Belloq: I tell you the girl knows nothing.

    Dietrich: I am surprised to find you squeamish. That is not your reputation. Anyway, it needn't concern you. I have the perfect man for this kind of work.

    [Toht approaches]

    Toht: Heil Hitler.

  • [Looking over the destruction of the airfield]

    Dietrich: Get the Ark away from this place immediately! Have it put on the truck! We will fly it out of Cairo! And Gobler, I want plenty of protection!

    Gobler: Jawohl, Herr Ob...

    [Gobler is interrupted midsentence by an explosion]

    Belloq: [to himself] Jones!

  • Dietrich: Doctor Jones, surely you don't think you can escape from this island?

    Indiana: That depends on how reasonable we're all willing to be. All I want is the girl.

    Dietrich: [looks at Belloq. Belloq shakes his head] And if we refuse?

    Indiana: Then your Führer has no prize.

  • Belloq: The girl was mine!

    Dietrich: She's of no use to us. Only your mission for the Führer matters.

  • Dietrich: [referring to Sean posing as Troy] No more drugs for that man.

  • Dietrich: [to Sean posing as Troy] You look like you just fucked your mother.

  • Dietrich: [intentionally instigating a confrontation] Hey Sean, how's your dead son?

  • Dietrich: [as the FBI raids Troy's hideout apartment] God damn. My place is getting FUCKED up.

    Castor Troy: Ha HA HA HA HA Ha!

  • Fitch: So, once we kidnap "supercop", then what?

    Sean Archer: [smiles enigmatically, moving his finger across his face] Tiny... surgery.

    [Dietrich looks at "Castor" confused]

    Sean Archer: l'd like to take his... his face... off. Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, l have to use the little boy's wee-wee room.

    [Sean stands and starts to walk away]

    Dietrich: Cas...

    [Sean turns back to Dietrich]

    Dietrich: You wanna take his... face...

    Sean Archer: [smiles widely] Yes. His face... off. Eyes...

    [Sean slightly pinches Dietrich's nose]

    Sean Archer: ...nose. Skin. lt's coming off.

    [Sean walks away, leaving the others totally confused of his last words]

    Dietrich: [mimicks Sean's gesture] The face... off.

  • Dietrich: [watching staged black mass with Count Karnstein] Your Excellency is pleased with the entertainment? He's calling out the devil.

    Count Karnstein: Well, so can I. Or you. But will the devil come?

    Dietrich: Fresh blood?

    Count Karnstein: The guts of a chicken or a suckling pig. The devil won't be cheated as easily as that, Dietrich.

    Dietrich: Your Excellency is pleased with the girl?

    Count Karnstein: A peasant, bought for a few gold coins. Can you never find anything new? Different?

    Dietrich: Well, you know, my lord, I try.

    Count Karnstein: They say that Gustav Weil has two pretty nieces staying with him. Twins. That would be something different.

    Dietrich: Your Excellency is pleased to joke. We do not want trouble with a man like Weil.

    Count Karnstein: I don't know why I employ you, Dietrich. You bore me, personally, and everything you do for me I find tedious, including this charade.

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