Dickie Roberts Quotes in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003)


Dickie Roberts Quotes:

  • [Acting as a 6-year-old, finding a new bike on Christmas morning]

    Dickie Roberts: Holy shit, a bike!

    Rob Reiner: You're six.

    Dickie Roberts: Holy crap, a bike!

    Rob Reiner: You're six.

    Dickie Roberts: Goo-goo, ga-ga, bikey!

    Rob Reiner: Too far back.

  • Dickie Roberts: This is Nuckin' Futs!

  • Sally Finney: Dickie, you promised to help me with my pep squad tryouts.

    Dickie Roberts: Oh, I will. That pep squad spot's got your name all over it. Did I ever tell you I was a backup dancer for Vanilla Ice?

    Sam Finney: [laughs] No way!

    Dickie Roberts: Oh, yeah, I owe him a call.

  • Mrs. Gertrude: Aren't you a bit big to be in a stroller?

    Dickie Roberts: Aren't you bit big to be on the sidewalk?

  • Grace Finney: [Grace is pushing Dickie down the sidewalk in a stroller]

    Grace Finney: This feels a little odd.

    Dickie Roberts: Dude, I'm the one in the stroller.

    Grace Finney: Did you just call me, dude?

    Dickie Roberts: I mean mommy.

  • Dickie Roberts: May I help you? Was I being too loud in my treeehouse?

  • Dickie Roberts: Insane in the membrane! Insane, got no brain!

  • Bully: Hey!

    Dickie Roberts: Hey? Don't you mean "Oink"?

  • Dickie Roberts: [to a bully picking on Sam] Is that red hair, or did someone light a fart off your mouth?

  • Dickie Roberts: Whoa! You ever have such a bad wipeout you don't even feel it?


    Sam Finney: That wasn't one of them!

  • Dickie Roberts: [having cereal] Hey, look, there's a prize inside!

    [Gives Grace the middle finger]

  • Sally Finney: [both looking outside at treehouse] I wonder what he's doing up there.

    Sam Finney: Who cares, just as long as Stranger Danger's out of our house.

    Sally Finney: But still.

    Sam Finney: Yeah. It actually looks pretty cool. Is that a disco ball?

    Dickie Roberts: [inside treehouse] Woo!

    Sally Finney: Seem, maybe we should peek our heads in.

  • Dickie Roberts: You know who else I don't get? Vin Diesel. I mean, is he good looking? Is he Chinese, or what? I mean, I don't know...

    Leif Garrett: That's so horrible, man. Geez, you're such a dick. Besides, he would kick your ass.

  • Girl: [two girls spot Leif Garrett and Dickie talking on the sidewalk] Oh, my God! You're Leif Garrett! I used to have such a crush on you!

    Girl: Can I have your autograph?

    Dickie Roberts: You want my autograph too? Dickie Roberts.

    Girl: No, I'm fine.

    Dickie Roberts: How about if I put it on a $5 bill?

    Girl: Make it a 20?

  • Dickie Roberts: [while talking to an overweight woman] What? Cat got your tongue or did you eat that for breakfast too?

  • Barry Williams: I bet you a thousand dollars... no, make that a hundred dollars and the actual football we used to hit Marcia with in the whole "My nose, My nose" episode, that Brendan Frasier never calls.

    [Dickie's phone rings]

    Dickie Roberts: Hold on.

    [answers phone]

    Dickie Roberts: Go for Dickie.

    [everyone else laughs]

    Dickie Roberts: Brendan? Yes, of course I can meet Rob Reiner tomorrow!

    Dickie Roberts: [laughs and points at Barry Williams, who glares at him]

  • Dickie Roberts: [after seeing bump on receptionist's head] Yikes!... I mean, not yikes. I mean what bump?

  • Dickie Roberts: Good night, prudes. Go have your G rated dreams. Prude filled dreams. Dream the dream of prudes. Prude...

    Sam Finney: Go to sleep Dickie!

  • Dickie Roberts: When I was your age, I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

    Sally Finney: See, that might be why you're such a mess now.

    Dickie Roberts: Oh. How dare you!

  • Dickie Roberts: [After singing the wrong words for a song on the radio] Changing the words, not the vibe.

  • Grace Finney: Wow, sift through that to find the nugget of compliment.

    Dickie Roberts: Sift away sifty.

  • Dickie Roberts: That's a great idea! Not only is she sexy she's a smart Mommy!

    Grace Finney: Why did that compliment almost make me puke?

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