Dewey Cox Quotes in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)


Dewey Cox Quotes:

  • [in rehab]

    Nurse - Rehab: Doctor! Doctor!

    Dewey Cox: I'm so cold.

    Rehab Doctor: We need more blankets.

    Nurse - Rehab: We need more blankets!

    Nurse - Rehab: Doctor!

    Dewey Cox: I'm so hot!

    Nurse - Rehab: I think he has too many blankets.

    Rehab Doctor: Fewer blankets!

    Dewey Cox: I'm hot and cold at the same time!

    Nurse - Rehab: He needs more blankets and he needs less blankets.

    Rehab Doctor: [gravely] I'm afraid you're right.

  • Dewey Cox: Edith, I am starting to think... that maybe you don't believe in me.

    Edith: I do believe in you. I just know you're gonna fail.

  • Dewey Cox: [irritated] I don't need people around me, stifling me. So if you don't like it, there's the door.

    Theo: Dewey, are you sayin' you don't need us no more?

    Dewey Cox: Not unless you can open your minds... and learn to play the fucking theremin.

    [brief pause]

    Theo: FUCK YOU, DEWEY!

    Dave: Yeah, fuck you Dewey! In twenty years, not once have you thrown a woman my way. You don't think we like cheating on our wives too?

    Sam: And you never once paid for drugs. Not once!

    Dave: You pay that chimp more than you pay us! I had to borrow from the chimp to get a mortgage on my house!

    Theo: And those stupid siamese glass cats you get us every year for Christmas! I don't want anymore siamese glass cats!

    Dewey Cox: The siamese cat is a symbol of nobility in Ancient Egypt.

    Sam: Fuck nobility!

    Dave: Fuck Ancient Egypt!

    Theo: ...Fuck cats!

    Sam: And you never paid for drugs. Not once.

    Dave: [angrily] You slept with my wife!

    Theo: You slept with me, too! And I've had confused feelings about that for ten years now!

    Sam: And you never *once* paid for drugs!... Not once.

  • Dewey Cox: [after singing a much faster and louder version of "Walk Hard" due to the effects of cocaine] Alright, again! Faster!

    Dave: This is crazy, Dewey. Ain't nobody gonna wanna listen to music like this. You're standing there playing as fast as you can, singing like some sort of... punk!

    Dewey Cox: Don't you dare try to stifle me. Whose band is this anyway? You cocksucker! I'll punch you in the mouth!

  • Dewey Cox: Springburry ain't big enough for me no more. I reckon it's time for Dewey Cox to move on.

    Ma Cox: But y-you're only 14?

    Dewey Cox: Mama, I love you. But I don't need nobody. All I need is my music. I've seen my path today, and I'm gonna take it, and some day, I'll make my masterpiece, and you'll all be proud of me. Just like you were of Nate.

    Edith: Can I come, Dewey?

    Dewey Cox: Of course you can, Edith! You're my girlfriend.

    Edith: I am?

    Dewey Cox: Yes, silly! I pointed at you in the audience.

    Edith: [to the family] Did you hear that? I'm Dewey's 12 year-old girlfriend!

  • Preacher: [referring to Dewey's song] You think we don't know what you're talking about when you say "take my hand"?

    Dewey Cox: What do you mean? It's about holding hands.

    Pa Cox: You watch your mouth.

    Preacher: You know who's got hands? The devil. And he uses them for holding.

  • [Dewey walks into a room with Sam and three women]

    Sam: Sam? What you all doing in here?

    Sam: [holding a pill] Dewey, get out of here. You don't want no part of this shit.

    Dewey Cox: What is it?

    Sam: It's medication for erectile dysfunction, it gives you a boner! Not to be used if you have a pre-existing heart condition. If boners last more than four hours, call more ladies.


    Dewey Cox: Well, that does sound tempting, but you know what, Sam? I really don't want no part of that shit.

    Sam: Did you hear what I said? It gives you a boner!

  • [Dewey meditating with the Maharishi and The Beatles]

    The Maharishi: Only through meditation can we begin to understand our role.

    Paul McCartney: We're nothing but... grains of sand.

    Dewey Cox: That was freakin' transcendental, Paul McCartney. Don't you agree, John Lennon?

    John Lennon: Yes, Dewey Cox. With meditation there's no limit to what we can...

    [glares at the camera]

    John Lennon: *imagine*.

    Dewey Cox: What do you think, George Harrison of The Beatles?

    George Harrison: I don't know. You know? I'm just trying to get more songs on the album.

    Ringo Starr: And as Ringo Starr, I'm not so interested in meditation, I just like to have fun.

    [holds up peace sign]

    Dewey Cox: [laughs] I like the little one.

  • Dewey Cox: [singing] In my dreams, you're blowing me... some kisses.

    Darlene: [singing] That's one of my favorite things to do.

    Dewey Cox: [singing] You and I could go down... in history.

    Darlene: [singing] That's what I'm praying to do with you.

  • Dewey Cox: I think I'm doing okay for a 15 year old with a wife and a baby.

  • Pa Cox: I'm sorry, Dewey. I just never realized until just this moment how easy it is to cut someone in half with a machete.

    Dewey Cox: It is, right?

  • [after Dewey accidentally barges in a room filled with smoke and groupies]

    Sam: [coughs] Get outta here, Dewey!

    Dewey Cox: What are y'all doin' in here?

    Sam: We're smoking reefer and you don't want no part of this shit.

    Dewey Cox: You're smoking *reefers*?

    Sam: Yeah, 'course we are; can't you smell it?

    Dewey Cox: [Dewey doesn't have a sense of smell] No, Sam. I can't.

    Reefer Girl: Come on, Dewey! Join the party!

    [takes a hit off a joint]

    Sam: No, Dewey, you don't want this. Get outta here!

    Dewey Cox: You know what, I don't want no hangover. I can't get no hangover.

    Sam: It doesn't give you a hangover!

    Dewey Cox: Wha-I get addicted to it or something?

    Sam: It's not habit-forming!

    Dewey Cox: Oh, okay... well, I don't know... I don't want to overdose on it.

    Sam: You can't OD on it!

    Dewey Cox: It's not gonna make me wanna have sex, is it?

    Sam: It makes sex even better!

    Dewey Cox: Sounds kind of expensive.

    Sam: It's the cheapest drug there is.

    Dewey Cox: [at a loss and out of excuses] Hmm.

    Sam: You don't want it!

    Dewey Cox: I think I kinda want it.

    Sam: Okay, but just this once. Come on in.

  • Dewey Cox: You know what? Go ahead! Take the children, I don't care! All I need is my music. I don't need you.

    Dewey Cox: [pointing to the babies] And I don't need *you*, and I don't need *you*, and I don't need *you*. You're just sitting there all high and mighty in your diaper. If anything, you need me, you're a baby.

  • Dewey Cox: [speaking of his complex song] It's still not finished yet. I'm hearing... more Aboriginal percussionists. And I want an army of digeridoos. Fifty thousand digeridoos!

  • Ma Cox: I'm just so glad you learned to play the guitar so good... even without having a sense of smell!

    Dewey Cox: It's okay mama, I learned how to play by ear.

  • Dewey Cox: [talking to his chimp] I'll tell you, I've had it. I've had it with all this crap! You took her side every time! All you care about is fruit, and touching yourself. Well fuck you!

  • [Dewey is singing a very bad version of "That's Amore"]

    Record Producer: Alright! Oh please, stop that! Stop your singing! Stop your singing this instant, young man! I will not have this in my studio! That's just a terrible, terrible, terrible... terrible "That's Amore."

    Dewey Cox: Um, maybe it was the wrong song choice. If you'd just let me play one of my songs that I wrote, I think you'd like it a whole lot better.

    Record Producer: You have failed conclusively! It's over! And there is nothing that you can do, here in this room... that can turn that around. Nothing you can do that can make up for what you just did to "That's Amore."

    Dewey Cox: [quietly] Well, my mother liked it a whole lot.

    Record Producer: Your mother was wrong!

  • Dewey Cox: But I have to say, I like your stuff. It's pretty good, and most of your records, I really enjoy.

    Paul McCartney: Well, we're big fans of your records, too. We like to think that "Hard Day's Night" is our "Guilty As Charged".

    John Lennon: [in a hard, Liverpool accent] Great record!

    Paul McCartney: Excellent album! We learned a lot from ya.

    John Lennon: Great record.

    Theo: Well, we're real big fans of y'alls!

    Dave: Huge fans! You guys are almost as good as The Monkees. You guys are great.

  • Dewey Cox: So you've never done nothin' you shouldn't have done to me?

    Edith: What have I ever done to you?

    Dewey Cox: Like that time you woke up in the middle of the night and drank up all the milk! And then I got up to have my corn flakes and there was none left!

    Edith: Dewey, you cheated on me!

    Dewey Cox: Oh, so I'm a cheater, but you can just drink up all the milk.

  • Edith: It's illegal to be married to two people at the same time, Dewey!

    Dewey Cox: What about if, if you're famous?

  • Dewey Cox: Goddamnit, this is a dark fucking period!

  • [Nate's ghost appears when Dewey's in a rehab bathtub]

    Dewey Cox: [smiling] Nate!

    [younger Nate suddenly transforms into an older Nate]

    Dewey Cox: [scared] Ahh! Nate?

    Older Nate: This is what I'd look like had I grown up into an adult... and perhaps h-hadn't been murdered or whatever. I just came to tell you, you need to get your shit together!

    Dewey Cox: [disappointed] I know. I've fallen again.

    Older Nate: Will you listen to yourself? You keep whining like a little bitch! If I was alive right now, I'd be the fuckin' president! Of the United States! I'd be on the moon walkin' around lookin' for aliens to kill!

    Dewey Cox: What?

    Older Nate: You know why Dad liked me better than you? Cause I *was* better than you. When I played the piano, I was fuckin' awesome!

    Dewey Cox: Oh, you think it's been easy for me? Since you're gone I got no sense of smell.

    Older Nate: [mocking Dewey with a squealing voice] Oh you got no sense of smell? Can't smell anything? Ya can't smell anything?

    Older Nate: [back to his normal voice] I got no sense of having legs, Dewey! I have no life! I'm dead! Because somebody, I'm not gonna point out names right now, decided to murder me with a machete!

    Dewey Cox: Nate...

    Older Nate: I can't even smell, touch, feel, I can't even masturbate! You ever tried to jerk off with a ghost hand? Nothing!

  • [Dewey walks in on Sam and groupies]

    Sam: Get out of here, Dewey. You don't want no part of this shit.

    Dewey Cox: Whatch y'all doin' in here?

    Sam: We doin' pills. Uppers and downers. It's the logical next step for you.

    Dewey Cox: I want some of that shit!

  • Press Conference Reporter: What do your parents think about your protest songs?

    Dewey Cox: What do *your* parents think about my protest songs? Mr. "Time Magazine."

  • Dewey Cox: Prison has changed me. I understand the common man the way I never did before. I gotta get out of here! So I can bring joy to the men back in here, but I don't wanna live with them!

  • George Harrison: [high on LSD with Dewey as a cartoon] Just keep thinking happy thoughts, Dewey. I'd hate for this to turn into a bad trip.

    Dewey Cox: [scary music plays] Uh-oh!

    John LennonPaul McCartney: 'Uh-oh'?

    George Harrison: What's that scary music?

    Dewey Cox: I had an unhappy thought!

    George Harrison: It's a bad trip.

    Paul McCartney: Bad trip, bad trip!

    Dewey Cox: [a machete walks up to him] Help! Trippy machete!

    [the machete cuts him in half]

    Dewey Cox: Aw, fuck me! I can see my large colon!

    Dewey Cox: [wakes up frightened] Ahh! I guess I do got some demons!

    George Harrison: You alright Cox?

    Dewey Cox: [frightened] I don't know!

    Ringo Starr: Do you want some more LSD?

    Dewey Cox: [excited] Yeah, I think I do!

    [laughs hysterically]

  • [Dewey goes into a bathroom where Sam is with groupies]

    Sam: Get out of here, Dewey!

    Dewey Cox: What are y'all doing in here?

    Sam: It's called cocaine, and you don't want no part of this shit!

    Dewey Cox: Cocaine?

    [Sam nods and smiles]

    Dewey Cox: What's it do?

    Sam: It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings. It's a nightmare!

  • Dewey Cox: What happened?

    Pa Cox: I'll tell you what happened. We were readying for bed when your song comes on the radio.

    [the scene switches to the Cox's house with "Walk Hard" playing on the radio]

    Ma Cox: It's Dewey! Your son is talented. You should be proud.

    Pa Cox: Well, I must admit, it is kind of... catchy.

    Ma Cox: Dance with me Pa.

    [the two begin dancing]

    Pa Cox: It does make you kind of want to move, doesn't it?

    Ma Cox: It sure does.

    Pa Cox: Maybe I have been kind of hard on little Dewey.

    Ma Cox: Maybe you have.

    [Pa twists Ma, accidentally causing her to lose her balance and fall out the window]

    Pa Cox: You alright, ma?

    Ma Cox: I'm alright!

    [the radio falls out of the window and hits Ma in the head, killing her]

    Dewey Cox: [starting to cry] She lost her balance... and fell out the window... and then the radio crushed her head?

    Pa Cox: While she was dancing to your song. I thought you should know what your music does. It kills people. You made her happy, and it killed her. If Nate was alive this never would've happened.

    [Pa begins to leave. As he turns the hall, he comes back around]

    Pa Cox: Wrong kid died!

  • [Dewey is trying to write a song while playing a harp]

    Dewey Cox: [singing] I had it all... I had it all...

    Dewey Cox: [shouting] And then I fucked up!

  • Edith: What about my dreams?

    Dewey Cox: Edith, I told you, I can't build you a candy house! It will fall apart, the sun will melt the candy, it won't work!

  • Dewey Cox: [after being caught cheating] Baby, you don't know what it's like out there on the road. It's lonely out there. Edith, I can't be alone.

    Edith: Yeah, well maybe you should've thought about that before you went and got double married!

    Dewey Cox: Is *that* what this is about?

  • Dewey Cox: And that's when I learned that Quaaludes and waterskiing do not mix.

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