Det. Roland Castlebeck Quotes in Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)


Det. Roland Castlebeck Quotes:

  • Memphis: Without disappointment you cannot appreciate victory.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Did Eleanor tell you that?

  • Police chopper pilot: [after Memphis got away from the helicopter driving Eleanor] He's gone.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: GOD!

    Drycoff: Man this guy can drive!

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: What? WHAT?

    Drycoff: It's probably mostly the car...

  • [after Calitri falls to his death, Memphis and Castlebeck both look at Castlebeck's dropped gun. Slowly, Castlebeck bends over and picks it up]

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Here I am smack dab in the middle of a moral dilemma, Randall. You've ripped this city to shreds with that little escapade of yours, you and your Eleanor. But I understand what brought you back here. A brother's love is... a brother's love.


    Det. Roland Castlebeck: You just saved my life, didn't you? So what are we going to do now?

    Memphis: It's your call, Detective.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: [chuckles] Get out of here, Randall. I'll clean this up. Go, now, before I change my mind. Go.

  • Drycoff: Who's Eleanor?

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: It's a damn car. And don't ever talk about my wife.

  • Raymond Calitri: [aiming a gun] Who are you?

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: I'm a police officer. You don't want to do that now.

    Raymond Calitri: Yeah, I do.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Listen to me. You walk out of here with me, you've got some options. You kill me - now you think about this, I'm a police officer - your life will be over.

    Raymond Calitri: No, you've got that the wrong way around. If I kill you, *your* life's over. Not all bad, though. Your funeral will be on the telly. Everybody out there, pressed and dressed. Guard of honor, twenty-one gun salute, and the stars and stripes draped all over your coffin.

    [tightens his finger on the trigger]

    Raymond Calitri: It'll be the greatest day of your life...

    [Memphis appears and kicks Calitri over the rail]

  • Drycoff: What's up?

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: What's the story with that HumVee?

    Drycoff: Gone.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Cadillac?

    Drycoff: Same. Where we goin'?

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: The only '67 Shelby in the area is registered at a place called the International Towers in Long Beach.

    Drycoff: Let's go to Long Beach.

  • Det. Roland Castlebeck: The easy way or the hard way, Raines. Easy way or the hard way.

  • Drycoff: That sign said, "DO NOT ENTER".

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Ya, you noticed, huh.

    [nearly sideswipe a oncoming vehicle]

    Drycoff: Gee.

    Det. Roland Castlebeck: Keep your pants on.

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