Det. Hazeltine Quotes in Number One with a Bullet (1987)


Det. Hazeltine Quotes:

  • Det. Barzak: [Chasing a gunman through the streets] Freeze! Police! FREEZE! I don't know why I tell 'em to freeze - they never freeze.

    [Gunman gets hit by cab; goes thru windshield]

    Det. Hazeltine: He shoulda froze.

    Det. Barzak: Well, it's not like we didn't tell him, man.

  • Bobby Sweet: [the 2 cops are leading him to an abandoned construction site] Hey, what is this, man?

    Det. Barzak: Riding around with you all night kinda stunk up our car, pal.

    Det. Hazeltine: We need a little fresh air. Someplace quiet.

    Det. Barzak: Yeah, someplace you can scream.

    Bobby Sweet: Oh, that's funny!

    Det. Barzak: [All 3 are climbing the stairs of an empty building under construction] Some people told us you like to talk when you get high. Are we high enough yet, Bobby?

    Bobby Sweet: I don't know. I swear, I don't know.

    Det. Hazeltine: Ah, he'll never make a good lawyer, Nick. He can't lie for shit. Come on - MOVE IT! You can go back down. All you have to do is tell us who killed Charles Boudreaux.

    Det. Barzak: All that shit you been mainlining fucked up your leg muscles, didn't it? COME ON!

    [They reach the highest accessible floor & approach the edge]

    Det. Barzak: Aw, man, Bobby. You can see EVERYTHING from up here, man. You can even see the ground from up here. Check this out: come here, man.

    [Shoves Bobby towards the edge of the floor]

    Bobby Sweet: Wait... Wait... Don't push. Okay! OKAY, OKAY!

    Det. Barzak: Whaddaya think of that shit, huh?

    Bobby Sweet: [Looking down through the open structure] Oh, my God! Jesus Christ! Oh, God!

    Det. Barzak: I wouldn't have figured you to be the religious type, Bobby.

    Det. Hazeltine: It must be because we're so close to God up here.

  • Det. Barzak: What the fuck is that shit?

    Det. Hazeltine: Yogurt, yeast paste, lecithin; all the things you ought to be eating. Want some?

    Det. Barzak: No way, man. I'm on a low-mucous diet - you know that.

    Det. Hazeltine: Yeah.

    Det. Barzak: I been thinking, Frank.

    Det. Hazeltine: It's DeCosta again, isnt' it?

    Det. Barzak: No, Frank. It's not about DeCosta again. I think we ought to go after the guys that hit Boudreaux. I figure they're local.

    Det. Hazeltine: Yeah, how do you figure that?

    Det. Barzak: 'Cause they're workin' for DeCosta.

    Det. Hazeltine: There's that name again...

    Det. Barzak: Look, Frank: they made us look REAL bad. The entire squad thinks we're screw-ups.

    Det. Hazeltine: So now, you wanna screw up real big and remove all doubt. Right?

    Det. Barzak: No, I don't wanna do that. I'm just an agile guy, Frank. I can get my foot it my mouth; I can even work with my nose to the grindstone. But my ass doesn't fit under a desk - neither does yours.

    Det. Hazeltine: No! No! No!

  • Det. Barzak: [singing Gimme Some Lovin by the Spencer Davis Group, badly, while playing a guitar in the zoo] We're so glad you made it - we're so glad you made it. Gimme some lovin'; GIMME SOME A-LOVIN'!

    [an elephant trumpets]

    Casey: You could make animals sick with that shit. You should cool out.

    [Climbs onto a bike to leave]

    Det. Hazeltine: Hey, how about that, man. You got any more room on that bicycle?

    Det. Barzak: Hey, hey, hey! I been working on this a LONG time, man.

  • Coroner: [Coroner is leading a group of cops through the morgue to a drawer] Visitors, Mendez. Rise & shine!

    Det. Hazeltine: [Obviously nauseated] I hate morgues.

    Lt. Kaminski: Yeah, that's him. Joseph Mendez, professional hit-man, worked free-lance.

    Det. Barzak: Didn't like women or kids, either. This guy was a bad-ass.

    Coroner: Really, because, I mean; he hasn't given me a bit of trouble.

    [Slaps the corpse gently on the cheek as if to antagonize him]

    Det. Hazeltine: Yeah, well... I guess we'd better be going.

    Coroner: [Noticing Frank's nausea] Really, I was in the middle of ordering lunch before you guys came up here, uuh...

    [Grabs up a phone & pretends to be ordering]

    Coroner: Hi, yeah, uuh... Make it a pastrami & a small Sprite. You sure I can't interest you guys in anything?

    Det. Barzak: No, thanks anyway, man.

  • Det. Barzak: [Malcolm is walking through a cemetery stealing flowers, then places them in front of an urn & begins to pray as he opens the urn] Ashes to ashes; dust to dust, huh man?

    Malcolm: Aww, man... You guys ain't got no respect for the dead.

    Det. Hazeltine: All right, come on out of there, Malcolm.

    Det. Barzak: [Nick begins pulling bags of white powder from the urn, and tasting them] What do we got here? A little blow? A LOTTA blow. Hey, this is that black tar, isn't it?

    Malcolm: Yeah, yeah. I'm thinking about getting into the roofing business.

    Det. Barzak: [Nick opens a larger bag of yellowish powder & tastes it] What's this? This shit - what is it?

    Malcolm: Actually, that's my mother.

    Det. Barzak: [Spits the ashes back into the bag]

  • Det. Barzak: You know, I cannot figure out why it is every time I talk to that woman I say the wrong thing. Why is that?

    Det. Hazeltine: You always shoot your mouth off before your brain is loaded. That's why.

  • Det. Hazeltine: So DeCosta represents your father, and you scarf all of this junk food to fulfill an oral longing for your mother's breasts, which incidentally are 70% fat.

    Det. Barzak: Oh, that's great, Frank. First, you ruin food for me; now you gotta ruin tits.

  • Det. Barzak: [Nick & Frank have hung Bobby upside-down from a tall building to scare him into telling them who killed a witness] See, it increases blood flow to the brain, Bobby. How's your memory?

    Bobby Sweet: Oh, God, I'm gonna throw up.

    Det. Hazeltine: Technically, you'll be throwing DOWN, Bobby.

    Bobby Sweet: Oh, God, please. Oh, God.

    Det. Barzak: God's got an alibi, chief. Try somebody else.

  • Lt. Kaminski: Are you guys getting close to something?

    Det. Hazeltine: Yeah: DEATH.

  • Det. Hazeltine: You are a very sick man. You know that?

    Det. Barzak: Yea-a-a-h!

  • Det. Hazeltine: [looking at stacks of identical VCR boxes] All this yours, brother?

    Casey: Uh, yeah brother. Well, see; I'm 'bout to get married. You know how everybody gives you the same present?

    Det. Hazeltine: Oh, ye- yeah!

    Det. Barzak: Oh, yeah - that's right. That's right. What - you get this $8,000 Rolex for, uh, Christmas, right?

    Casey: Yeah, I got that from my lady.

    Det. Barzak: [removes Casey's watch, examines the back, & shows it to him] So: how come it's engraved "With Love, to Dr. Ira Kettlebaum"? Check it out.

    Casey: [thinking briefly] That's what the bitch calls me, man. Yeah.

    Det. Barzak: Oh, it's like a pet name, right? Yeah.

    [imitating a woman's shrill voice]

    Det. Barzak: "Stick it to me Doctor Kettlebaum!" Oooh-oooh! She's a real squealer & shit?

    Casey: Yeah, she's a freak.

    Det. Barzak: Squealer, right? Yeah.

  • Det. Hazeltine: [approaching a seedy mud-wrestling bar] I gotta be honest with ya, Nick. I got an aversion to MUD!

    Det. Barzak: That's probly because it resembles that health-food crap you been scarfin'. Didn't ya ever make mud pies when you were a kid?

    Det. Hazeltine: [entering the bar & pausing in the doorway to take in the atmosphere] Nice ambiance. Of course, once the yuppies discover this place, it's gonna be SWAMPED!

    Det. Barzak: [noticing 2 bikini-clad women wrestling in a mud pit] Wouldn't you like to get in there with 'em?

    Det. Hazeltine: You've got no respect for the human body.

    Det. Barzak: Sure I do!

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