Destro Quotes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)


Destro Quotes:

  • The Doctor: Now that we have a moment to ourselves, I've designed something especially for you, James.

    Destro: [shocked] No!

    [the Doctor injects nanomites into James McCullen's head]

    The Doctor: This will only hurt a little. What comes next, more so. Nanomites, perfect little healers.

    [James McCullen's head becomes completely silver]

    Destro: I've finally taken my place in the long line of McCullens.

    The Doctor: James McCullen is no more. Now you are Destro.

    Destro: What have you done to me?

    The Doctor: The time has come for the cobra to rise up and reveal himself. You will call me Commander.

  • The Doctor: Are you ready, Mr. Zartan?

    Zartan: Oh I'm ready, doctor. This is going to be the achievement of a lifetime.

    The Doctor: Yes, as a master of disguise you have no equal, my friend.

    Zartan: [confident] 18 months of studying my target, learning mannerisms but the devil is in the details.

    Destro: [interrupts] Gentlemen, let's get it going.

    Zartan: One more thing, I'll control my own brain thank you very much... Let's do this.

  • Destro: [handling an old iron mask] This belongs to an ancestor of mine. He was caught selling arms to both sides. The French forced him to wear it for the rest of his life. They called him Destro, destroyer of nations.

    Storm Shadow: So why do you keep it?

    Destro: So that I never forget the most important rule in dealing arms.

    The Baroness: Let me guess. Never sell to both sides?

    Destro: Never get caught selling to both sides.

  • Storm Shadow: [holding the Warheads] Three left.

    Destro: Take the warheads to the missiles. I want them ready to launch in one hour.

    Storm Shadow: It will be done.

  • The Doctor: So far we've created 20 Neo-Vipers. Nineteen stand before you.

    Destro: Is it working?

    The Doctor: We injected 1,000 cc of the nanomite solution into each subject. When they finally stopped screaming, brain scans showed a complete inactivity of the self-preservation region of the cortex.

    Destro: English, Doctor?

    The Doctor: They feel no fear. Cortical nerve clusters showed complete inactivity. They feel no pain. Concepts of morality are disengaged. They feel no regrets. No remorse.

  • The Baroness: If I were really there, I might actually let you touch me.

    Destro: I'll send a jet.

    The Baroness: Business first. Besides, I'm married, remember?

    Storm Shadow: If you had sent me in the first place, it would already be done.

    Destro: I'm sending you now, Storm Shadow. No more mistakes. The schedule mustn't compromise any further. Keep your eye on her for me.

  • [from trailer]

    Destro: What did you say your unit was called?

    General Hawk: I didn't.

  • Zartan: American politics. Governors, senators, congressmen. No wonder nothing ever gets done.

    Destro: That's what we're going to fix, Mr. Zartan.

  • Destro: Are they completely obedient?

    The Doctor: Of course. The real world applications are endless. So, you tell me, is it working?

    Destro: Send a team to rendezvous with Storm Shadow and the Baroness.

    The Doctor: Consider it done. The Joes will never know what hit them.

  • The Doctor: Now, if we sold one warhead on the black market, I could continue my research.

    Destro: [interrupts] I appreciate your thirst for knowledge, Doctor, but this world is messy enough. No. What it needs is unification, leadership. It has to be taken out of chaos by someone with complete control. Beijing, Moscow, Washington... When these missiles detonate, the world will turn to the most powerful man on the planet. When I'm finished, the money will take care of itself. You'll be able to do all the research you want.

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