Destiny Quotes in Finding Dory (2016)


Destiny Quotes:

  • Bailey: I hit my head very hard out there. See how swollen it is!

    Destiny: Your head is supposed to be big! You're a beluga!

  • Bailey: Can you please keep it down over there? My head hurts.

    Dory: Who's that?

    Destiny: [whispering] That's my neighbor, Bailey. He was brought in with a head injury.

    Bailey: I know you're talking about me, Destiny.

    Destiny: [blocking Bailey's view with her flipper] He thinks he can't use his echolocation, but I've overheard the doctors talking.

    Bailey: I'm right here.

    Destiny: There's not a thing wrong with him.

    Bailey: Hear every word you're saying about me.

    Dory: What's echolocation?

    Destiny: Well, Bailey's head is supposed to put out a call and the echo helps him find objects far away.

    [Turns to face Bailey]

    Destiny: Oh, but apparently, he's still *healing*.

    Bailey: Now I know you're talking about me.

  • Bailey: Still not clear. Still not clear...

    Destiny: You don't have to say when it's not time...

    Bailey: Not...

    Destiny: Just tell me when it *is* time!

    Bailey: Okay, here we go. And, *wait*!

    Destiny: [flounders in the water] "Here we go, wait." Are you *serious*?

    Bailey: Okay, on the count of three...

    Destiny: Don't count. Just say, "Go."

    Bailey: [shouting] Go! Now, now. Do it! Do it!

  • Destiny: Wanna sing hairy-oke?

  • Destiny: My new foster parents, and everyone at my new school, were so nice that I couldn't help but think, are these crackers for real?

    [grins back nervously]

  • Brooke Swinkowski: I know you're like only 10 and shit, but listen up. You beat that skanky ass bitch, you beat her hard. I've done all I can do, it's up to you know.

    Destiny: [stunned] Okay.

    Brooke Swinkowski: You're a good girl.

    Ethan: I don't think I want you hanging out with strippers, okay?

  • Destiny: They were homeschoolers, which always spells trouble.

    Mrs. Moore: And then, God cast down the angels, and they fell to Earth, which is where dinosaur bones come from.

  • Brooke Swinkowski: See that store over there?

    [Victoria's Secret]

    Brooke Swinkowski: With this $1200, I could buy work clothes like you have never seen.

    Destiny: Where do you work?

    Brooke Swinkowski: Barnes and Noble.

  • [last lines]

    Destiny: If there's even the slightest chance she'll win, I'm fixin' to team up with some bad-ass ninjas, to march down to Des Moines, and kick - her - butt.

  • Sally TomatoInnocenceDestiny: Living deep inside of me, inside of me.

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