Denys Quotes in Out of Africa (1985)


Denys Quotes:

  • Denys: You've ruined it for me, you know.

    Karen Blixen: Ruined what?

    Denys: Being alone.

  • Karen Blixen: When you go away... you don't always go on safari, do you? Just want to be away.

    Denys: It's not meant to hurt you.

    Karen Blixen: It does.

    Denys: I'm with you because I choose to be with you. I don't want to live someone else's idea of how to live. Don't ask me to do that. I don't want to find out one day that I'm at the end of someone else's life.

  • Baron Bror Blixen: You could have asked, Denys.

    Denys: I did. She said yes.

  • Karen Blixen: What's wrong with marriage anyway?

    Denys: Have you ever seen one you admire?

    Karen Blixen: Yes, I have, many. Belfield's, for one.

    Denys: He sent her home for the rains in 1910. Didn't tell her they were over until 1913.

  • Denys: I won't be closer to you and I won't love you *more* because of a piece of paper.

  • [after placing a gramophone in a field near wild baboons]

    Denys: Think of it: never a man-made sound... and then Mozart!

  • Karen Blixen: Oh! get away from there! Shoo Shoo!

    Denys: Shoo?

    Karen Blixen: Oh! That's all my crystal, my Limoges.

  • Denys: Don't move.

    Karen Blixen: But I want to move.

    Denys: Don't move.

  • Denys: I'll mate for life. One day at a time.

  • Denys: [to Karen, whose horse has run away, leaving her at the mercy of an approaching lion] I wouldn't run. If you do, she'll think you're something good to eat.

    Karen Blixen: [staring at lion] Have you - Do you have a gon ?

    Denys: She won't like the smell of you.

    Karen Blixen: Shoot - shoot it.

    Denys: She's had breakfast.

    Karen Blixen: Please shoot her.

    Denys: Well, let's give her a moment.

    Karen Blixen: [as lion comes closer] Oh my god, shoot her !

    [Lion approaches Karen then wanders off into brush]

    Karen Blixen: Just how much closer did you expect to let her come ?

    Denys: A bit. It wanted to see if you'd run. That's how they decide. A lot like people that way.

    Karen Blixen: She almost had me for lunch !

    Denys: Well, it wasn't her fault, baroness. She's a lion.

    Karen Blixen: Well, it wasn't mine.

    Denys: Doesn't that outfit come with a rifle ?

    Karen Blixen: Ye-ah, uh.

    [looks around]

    Karen Blixen: On my saddle.

    Denys: Better keep it with you. Your horse isn't much of a shot.

  • Denys: This tribe, we think we can tame them but we won't. They die in prison.

    Karen Blixen: Why?

    Denys: They live now. They have no concept of the future; that one day they will be let out. They think it's permanent and so they die.

  • Denys: They didn't know it was Limoges.

  • Denys: I like animals. Nothing they do is half-hearted. Everything they do is for the first time: they hunt, they eat, they mate...

  • Denys: There's country there you ought to see... it won't last long now.

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