Denton Van Zan Quotes in Reign of Fire (2002)


Denton Van Zan Quotes:

  • [referring to the dragons]

    Denton Van Zan: Ever see a male?

    Quinn Abercromby: When I'm running for my life I generally don't look back at the plumbing.

  • Denton Van Zan: Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them.

  • Denton Van Zan: The name's Van Zan. Kentucky Irregulars.

    Quinn Abercromby: You're a long away from home, Van Zan. You lost?

    Denton Van Zan: Rebuilt a National Guard C-5A. Flew it 8,000 miles on 2 engines and tried to set it down on the old strip outside of Manchester. Lost 122 men and most of my fuel. We need shelter and a place to refit artillery. We'll be out of your hair by 1800 hours tomorrow.

    Quinn Abercromby: That's a good story. Especially the bit about the plane, but there hasn't been anything in the air for 20 years. That's their territory.

    Denton Van Zan: It's my territory. It's *your* territory. Their just rentin' it.

  • Denton Van Zan: [shows dragon tooth] You ever seen one of these? Not many men have. Got it off the first one I killed.

    Quinn Abercromby: The plane was better. So now you're a dragon killer. That's not even original.

    Denton Van Zan: It was in a wheat field just south of Coffeyville, Kansas. It was late November. It's a month of mist. And we were caught in the open. The sun was setting behind us. There was nowhere to run. Twice it came in on us, and twice it missed the heart of us. And that's when I had an epiphany.

  • Denton Van Zan: You see they have great vision during the day, and even better vision at night. But in the failing light, they can't focus. Magic hour.

  • Denton Van Zan: [to Quinn in the castle] I lead, you follow.

    Denton Van Zan: [to Quinn in London with Alex] You lead, we follow.

  • Denton Van Zan: Coffeyville. It's etched in American history because the outlaw Dalton boys were killed there. Ordinary townsfolk rose up and took 'em down.

    Quinn Abercromby: Maybe you're the Dalton boys.

    Denton Van Zan: No, no... We're the townsfolk.

  • Denton Van Zan: There's nothing magical about it. They're made of flesh and blood. You take out their heart you bring down the beast.

  • Denton Van Zan: What are you doing here, Quinn?

    Quinn Abercromby: You're standing on ground where I've buried hundreds. This my land. I'll ask the questions. What are YOU doing here?

  • Denton Van Zan: We have paid a terrible price, and now we've got a chance to make a difference. We will.

  • Denton Van Zan: Look out that window, Eden isn't burning its burnt.

  • Denton Van Zan: We're going to London.

    Quinn Abercromby: Good luck. It's that way.

  • Denton Van Zan: These things live on death and feed on ash.

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