Dennis Powell Quotes in A Fine Mess (1986)


Dennis Powell Quotes:

  • Dennis Powell: We're gonna die, Spence! We're gonna die!

    Spence Holden: No we're not...

    Dennis Powell: I still have orders!

  • Ellen Frankenthaler: Do I smell like onions?

    Dennis Powell: No. Do I?

  • Dennis Powell: Why's she called The Hummer?

    Spence Holden: She can't whistle while she works so she hums.

  • Spence Holden: All right, you've got to distract them.

    Dennis Powell: I'VE got to?

    Spence Holden: So I can place the bet.

    Dennis Powell: They're looking for YOU! You're the perfect attention-getter!

    Spence Holden: You don't care if I get killed?

    Dennis Powell: I don't want ANYBODY getting killed, starting with ME!

  • Ellen Frankenthaler: Will that be check or cash?

    Spence Holden: Well... how much are we talking about, here?

    Ellen Frankenthaler: Ten thousand.

    Spence Holden: Whoah, come on, sweetheart. That's a little high, don't you think?

    Ellen Frankenthaler: I'm really not at liberty to say.

    Spence Holden: Well, if YOU'RE not at liberty...

    Dennis Powell: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't think you two are talking about the same thing.

    Ellen Frankenthaler: What are you talking about?

    Spence Holden: No, no. What are YOU talking about?

    Ellen Frankenthaler: The piano.

    Spence Holden: What piano?

    Ellen Frankenthaler: The one that Mr. Powell just purchased.

    Spence Holden: WHAT?

    Dennis Powell: I was afraid of that...

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