Dennis Pitt Quotes in Pretty Poison (1968)


Dennis Pitt Quotes:

  • Dennis Pitt: I once did some unlicensed tree surgery. I foolishly performed an abortion on a peach tree.

  • Dennis Pitt: Boy. What a week. I met you on Monday, fell in love with you on Tuesday, Wednesday I was unfaithful, Thursday we killed a guy together. How about that for a crazy week, Sue Ann?

    Sue Ann Stepanek: "Unfaithful Wednesday?"

    Dennis Pitt: I was just joking, Sue Anne. That was in another country. Forget it. I do, no kidding, love you. I love you.

  • Dennis Pitt: [upon being released on parole from a mental institution] I must tell you, Mr. Azenaur, a lumber yard does seem like a slight waste of my talents.

    Morton Azenauer: Is that so?

    Dennis Pitt: Yes, sir. I've been taking a secret course in interplanetary navigation. I had hoped to be appointed to the first Venus rocket.

    Morton Azenauer: [not amused] Cut that out, Dennis!

    Dennis Pitt: I was kidding, sir.

    Morton Azenauer: These fantasies of yours can be dangerous. Now, you lay off that stuff!

    Dennis Pitt: Yes, sir. Well, I better not miss my bus to the lumber yard. You'll be hearing from me.

    Morton Azenauer: Dennis... Believe me, Dennis, you're going out into a very real and very tough world. It's got no place at all for fantasies.

  • Dennis Pitt: I'll tell you frankly, Sue Ann, this man does not visit your mother for any subversive reasons.

    Sue Ann Stepanek: Well, how do you know until you check him out?

    Dennis Pitt: Okay, we'll get his picture. It has to be a profile, though.

    Sue Ann Stepanek: A profile? Why?

    Dennis Pitt: Because of the ears. They never change. Many a man has been unmasked because of the ears, even after extensive plastic surgery.

    Sue Ann Stepanek: Well, I didn't know that.

    Dennis Pitt: Luckily for us, not many people do.

  • Dennis Pitt: [Meeting with Mr. Azenauer in the prison] There was some poison once, but no one recognized it. In fact, that poison was even quite... pretty-looking. So, the problem was, what to do about it? It took me some time to realize that what to do about it was very simple: nothing.

    Morton Azenauer: Nothing?

    Dennis Pitt: Correct, Mr. Azenauer, because who'd listen to me - known to be no good? But if that poison just stayed there, getting worse and worse, like poison always does - spreading, until even the blindest man could see, until he HAD to see...

    Morton Azenauer: Go on...

    Dennis Pitt: [Hesitating] Sorry... I've learned that people only pay attention to what they discover for themselves. So long...

    Dennis Pitt: [Getting up] If you're ever in Winslow, see what Sue Ann is up to, will you?

    Morton Azenauer: I'll keep an eye on her, Dennis.

    Dennis Pitt: So long.

    [Leaves the room, with Mr. Azenauer looking rather perplexed]

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