Dennis Nedry Quotes in Jurassic Park (1993)


Dennis Nedry Quotes:

  • [Dodgson is meeting Nedry at a restaurant in Costa Rica]

    Dennis Nedry: [waving] Dodgson!

    Lew Dodgson: [sitting down] You shouldn't use my name.

    Dennis Nedry: [loudly] Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! Nobody cares. Nice hat. What are you trying to look like, a secret agent?

  • Ray Arnold: [trying to bring the system back on-line] Access main program. Access main security. Access main program grid.

    [the computer denies him finally saying, "You didn't say the magic word!"]

    Dennis Nedry: [on computer] Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word! Uh uh uh! Uh uh uh!

    [repeating uh uh uh]

    Ray Arnold: Please! God damn it! I hate this hacker crap!

  • Dennis Nedry: [scrambling on the ground] My glasses...

    [getting up]

    Dennis Nedry: I can afford more glasses!

  • John Hammond: Dennis, our lives are in your hands and you have butterfingers?

    Dennis Nedry: [laughs] I am totally unappreciated in my time. You can run this whole park from this room with minimal staff for up to 3 days. You think that kind of automation is easy? Or cheap? You know anybody who can network 8 connection machines and debug 2 million lines of code for what I bid for this job? Because if he can I'd like to see him try.

    John Hammond: I'm sorry about your financial problems, Dennis, I really am, but they are your problems.

    Dennis Nedry: Oh, you're right, John, you're absolutely right. You know, everything's my problem.

    John Hammond: I will not get drawn into another financial debate with you, Dennis. I really will not!

    Dennis Nedry: There'd be hardly any debate at all.

    John Hammond: I don't blame people for their mistakes. But I do ask that they pay for them.

    Dennis Nedry: Thanks, Dad.

  • Dennis Nedry: [has tried to get rid of the Dilophosaurus by throwing a stick for it to fetch, which it ignores] Ah, no wonder you're extinct. I'm gonna run you over when I come back down!

  • Dennis Nedry: Don't get cheap on me, Dodgson. That was Hammond's mistake.

  • Dennis Nedry: [Nedry walks into a tree branch] Oh, Jesus Christ!

    [hears something]

    Dennis Nedry: Hello?

    [a dinosaur pokes its head out from behind the tree]

    Dennis Nedry: Yeah, yeah that's nice. Gotta' go!

    [the dinosaur is right behind Nedry now]

    Dennis Nedry: Hello, nice boy. Uh, nice boy. Nice dinosaur. I thought you were one of your big brothers, you're not so bad. You're not so bad. What do you want? What do you want? You want food? Look at me. I just fell down a hill. I'm soaking wet. I don't have any food. I have no food on me. I have nothing on me. Go on.

  • Dennis Nedry: I should have been there by now. My God!

    [Nedry crashes through a fence and onto an embankment]

    Dennis Nedry: Damn!

    [sees a road sign]

    Dennis Nedry: There's the road!

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