Demi Quotes in Phantom (2013)


Demi Quotes:

  • Demi: You know what they call an old boat captain without a boat? "Just another drunk."

  • Bruni: Last chance captain. Compliance for a grateful nation?

    Demi: There's a Ukrainian proverb that says: "Share a tent with Gypsies, and wake up in a field of shit."

  • Demi: There are only two reason why a boat would go rogue. One is to defect, and the other is to start a war. And I don't think we're defecting!

  • Demi: Rum's a sailor's drink. Vodka, a politician's.

  • Demi: Bruni's trying to start the only kind of nuclear war we can win. One we're not in.

  • [first lines]

    Demi: My crew has just returned from 76 days at sea. The Americans are massing naval assets in the Pacific. There must be a dozen boats better rested.

    Markov: Squadron Command is insisting on the most experienced captain and crew available.

    Demi: I'm being retired, remember? You should know that. Your signature is all over the transfer. Even if I wasn't, my boat will be in dry dock for months.

    Markov: You won't be sailing your boat. You'll be sailing the B-67.

  • Markov: Greatness casts a long shadow.

    Demi: Do you think we can be redeemed for the things we've done?

    Markov: I don't know. In our dreams, maybe. If there is such a thing, it surely requires opportunity. And here she is knocking.

  • Demi: We risked our lives without knowing why. He's entitled to his opinion.

    Pavlov: Opinions are antithetical for a clear chain of command.

  • Bruni: What you do not understand, and what our politicians don't want to accept or face, is that the Americans have acquired a first-strike nuclear capability.

    Demi: Well, even if that's the case, what makes you think they'd use it?

    Bruni: *We* would.

  • Demi: The Americans value individual life above everything else. They wouldn't tolerate the loss of even one single city.

  • Demi: The Americans *do* have an incentive for peace.

    Bruni: What would that be?

    Demi: Empathy. Humanity.

    Bruni: You'd wager the survival of our country on that?

  • Demi: Know something I don't? Because our mission will be compromised.

    Bruni: That presumes you know what our mission is.

  • [Talking about angela]

    Judd: Hey, Molly, how do you put up with that bitch?

    Molly Nagle: She's not that bad.

    Demi: Come on, Molly, you have to admit she's a little bit weird.

    Ally: Weird isn't the word for it. I think she's a dike.

    [guys start laughing]

    Ally: I'm totally serious.

  • Ally: What are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen a pair of boobs before?

    Demi: Leave her alone, Ally, I mean she's only looking at that long black hair growing out of your left nipple.

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