Delysia Quotes in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)


Delysia Quotes:

  • Michael: Ice pick?

    Delysia: It's in the drawer. Somewhere! Ice in the Fridgedair?

    Michael: I want the pick for murder, not ice.

  • Delysia: [during an air-raid drill] Guinevere, I'm scared!

    Guinevere Pettigrew: It's just a drill, I'm sure it's just a drill.

    Delysia: But it won't always be, will it? We're going to war, aren't we?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Yes we are. And that is why you must not waste a second of this precious life. Listen to me. Once I too had ambitions. Not your grand ones, simple ambitions. Marriage, children and a house of our own. He died, in the mud in France. A good, solid man. You would call him dull, no doubt, but he smiled whenever he saw me and we could've built a life on that. Your heart knows the truth, Delysia. Trust it.

  • Delysia: Men are so untrusting. I can't think why.

  • Delysia: However did you get in?

    Michael: One picks up a few tricks in prison, you know, breaking and entering being one of them.

  • Michael: Pure and simple, I want you to marry me, and it's a one word conversation Delysia.

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Don't you think, that on such a momentous occasion, a little time should be allowed?

    Michael: Oh, stalling tactic. Is it because I'm not rich enough for her?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Certainly not.

    Michael: Well, it's true. I'm wearing most of my worldly possessions. I could never afford this kind of blackmail.

    [gestures around Nick's flat]

    Delysia: Oh, and who pays you for playing the piano, huh? Are you telling me you give Nick his money back after every show?

    Michael: No, and every damned shilling I take hurts me to the bone, which is why it's got to change Delysia. Money or love, that's the question I'm asking. Here's the deal: I'll play for you today, Delysia, and for the rest of your life if you'll marry me. Never again if you don't.

  • Delysia: Do you know what my name is, Guinevere?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: I was under the impression it was Delysia Lafosse.

    Delysia: Sarah Grubb. One of the Pittsburg Grubbs. My father is a steelworker. No one else in the world knows that apart from Michael. And he doesn't judge me.

    Guinevere Pettigrew: No, he wouldn't.

    Delysia: But you do.

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Me? I certainly do not.

    Delysia: Oh, you think you don't, but you do. For all the fancy apartments and fashion shows, do you know how close I am to having nothing? Every day I wake up and I think, if I make the wrong move, I could be out on that street with no clothes, no food, no job, and no friends. Just plain old Sarah Grubb again. Do you know what that's like?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Yes, I do.

    Delysia: You do?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: In that, at least, we are alike.

  • Delysia: Is the offer still open?

    Nick: Get up!

    [Michael stands and nick knocks him back down with a punch to the nose]

    Delysia: Well, is it a yes or is it a no?

    Michael: What?

    Delysia: Well will you doggone marry me or will you doggone not?

    [he grins in delight, scrambles up, socks Nick square in the jaw, and pulls Delysia to her feet]

    Michael: Yes. God help me, yes!

    [they kiss fervently]

  • Guinevere Pettigrew: I'm afraid I walked in on your guest in his state of nature. I fear that I have outraged his sense of propriety.

    Delysia: Oh no, Phil doesn't have one of those.

    Guinevere Pettigrew: He's a much bigger boy than I had anticipated.

    Delysia: [giggles] Oh you noticed that too.

  • Delysia: Are you alright?

    Guinevere Pettigrew: I have never sworn before in my life! Not even in my mind!

    Delysia: I didn't hear you swear.

    Guinevere Pettigrew: Yes I did! I said damned and hell, and I meant them.

    Delysia: Oh, that's not swearing. They came out of the sinful category an age ago!

  • Delysia: There is something so sensual about fur next to the skin, don't you think?

  • Edythe: Well I didn't answer the telephone because I *couldn't* answer the telephone!

    Delysia: Why not?

    Edythe: I was in the bathroom.

    Delysia: Having a bath?

    Edythe: No, I just - didn't answer the telephone. And now Joe says the engagement's off! Just because of one stupid little misunderstanding!

  • Delysia: Phil's a theatre producer! Well, his father is. Phil's got his first show on at the Ambassador, and I've got the lead. Well, I'm pretty sure I have *now*

    [holds up lingerie and giggles]

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