Deirdre Burroughs Quotes in Running with Scissors (2006)


Deirdre Burroughs Quotes:

  • Neil Bookman: "The Angry Nun" by Neil Bookman: "Bitch! Whore of Jesus! Dressed in black, you do not bleed, like a woman should bleed between the legs! But with your ruler, your crucifix of hatred, you strike my tender flesh! I bleed for you! Oh, mother." And then I-I ran out of ink.

    Deirdre Burroughs: Good anger! It ended exactly at the right moment.

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I disapprove of your choices.

    Augusten Burroughs: I haven't had a choice!

    Deirdre Burroughs: You did when you wrote this, didn't you?

    Augusten Burroughs: You read my journal?

    Deirdre Burroughs: Don't try and compete with me, Augusten. If you move back in with me, I won't allow it. You'll only get hurt. When I become a very famous woman, they'll write that I had a son who was a writer too, who doesn't compare to my brilliance. I want more for you than that.

    Augusten Burroughs: Did you mix your pills again?

  • Deirdre Burroughs: Augusten. Don't smoke my cigarettes. You have a pack of your own.

  • Norman Burroughs: Is he an MD doctor?

    Deirdre Burroughs: Yes. And as I've told you a hundred times, he got his MD at Yale.

    Norman Burroughs: You heard about this guy from where?

    Deirdre Burroughs: Doctor Newpall. Augusten's allergist. If you were more of a man and involved in your son's life, you'd know who that was. I smell manure.

    Norman Burroughs: I don't smell anything.

    Deirdre Burroughs: I do, I smell manure. It's coming out of your ears.

    Norman Burroughs: Fucking bitch.

  • Norman Burroughs: So... you're saying we should split up?

    Dr. Finch: In order to reach that conclusion, Norman, I would need to see both you and Deirdre on a regular and disciplined basis, for five hours a day.

    Deirdre Burroughs: I'm available, Doctor Finch.

    Norman Burroughs: Five hours a day? I can't do that! I have to work!

    Deirdre Burroughs: See, Doctor Finch, I told you. I'm married to a narcissist.

    Dr. Finch: Norman, if I'm willing to clear my schedule to save your marriage, but you're not... then get out! Leave this office, go home, and start dividing your books and your record albums.

    Norman Burroughs: This is bullshit. This is really fucking bullshit.

    Dr. Finch: [begins writing in his notebook]

    Norman Burroughs: What're you writing?

    Dr. Finch: "Norman Burroughs is homicidal. He is an unapologetic alcoholic. He is dangerous and a threat to himself, his wife, and his child."

  • Norman Burroughs: [from trailer] I haven't had a drink in four years.

    Deirdre Burroughs: Excuse me, can you get him a medal?

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I'm unhappy.

    Norman Burroughs: I'm unhappy.

    Dr. Finch: Norman. If you're so unhappy, why stay in this marriage?

    Norman Burroughs: I don't know why. My son.

    Dr. Finch: I don't think that's why you stay, Norman. I think you stay because it's comfortable. It's what you know. You were trapped in your childhood by a castrating mother and as an adult male you have sought the same female archetype.

    Deirdre Burroughs: [nodding] Well, that's - just - brilliant... and very true.

  • Deirdre Burroughs: *Takes candle and bites it* Mmm... This is good

  • Deirdre Burroughs: [addressing her poetry class] Get the rage on the page.

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I need high cellings

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I smell manure. It's coming from your ears.

    Norman Burroughs: [muttering] Fucking bitch.

  • Deirdre Burroughs: I'm available.

    Norman Burroughs: Five hours a day! What, I can't do that. I have to work.

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