Dega Quotes in Papillon (1973)


Dega Quotes:

  • Dega: Blame is for God and small children.

  • [Papillon is contemplating a daring leap from a cliff to escape]

    Dega: [the plan] It seems so desperate. You think it will work?

    Papillon: Does it matter?

  • Dega: A temptation resisted is a true measure of character.

  • Prisoner: I know you, you're Degas. You're a very intelligent man!

    Dega: Thank you. I seem to be known in all the wrong places.

  • Doctor: [Briefly examining Dega in a prefunctory manner] You're fine. NEXT!

    Dega: [Walking away] Must be better than I feel.

    Doctor: [Briefly examining Papillon] You're in wonderful shape.

    Papillon: How do you fail an examination like this?

    Doctor: NEXT!

  • Dega: If I stay - here in this place -I will die!

  • Dega: Remember what the chicken said to the weasel?

    Papillon: If he was a healthy weasel, the chicken didn't get a chance to say anything.

  • Dega: Well, it now seems quite possible that until we get to a decent jail with bribeable guards, I may stand in some need of... rather close physical protection.

    Papillon: That depends on how long you want to live.

    Dega: For a long time.

    Papillon: Then you got a problem.

    Dega: Well, I presume that you have some, uh, goals, some particular need that outrates all the others. I mean, if so... may I aslk what it is?

    Papillon: Money!

    Dega: For what?

    Papillon: Escape.

    Dega: Very good. You keep me alive until we land in Guyana, and I'll underwrite any escape you care to arrange.

    Papillon: Escape for me, not for us!

    Dega: Oh, of course. I, I, I...


    Dega: . I have no intention, uh, of even attempting to escape - ever!

    Papillon: Done!

  • Clusiot: You're Louis Dega. I'm Clusiot. How come you ended up in a place like this?

    Dega: Favouritism.

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